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sisalphello, do you know how products variants are managed ?15:43
sisalpIf I update a feature of a model, will the variant be upated15:44
sisalpis price of the variant recalculated upon template update ?15:44
bechamelsisalp: there are no product variant in tryton15:51
cedksisalp: all depends on where is define the "feature"15:51
cedkbechamel: that's false15:52
sisalpI see product-template and product, it is equivalent to variants ?15:52
bechamelcedk, sisalp: what is variant so ?15:52
cedksisalp: if you want15:52
sisalpare there sales packages, composed by grouping products and selling them as a whole16:06
cedksisalp: no16:07
sisalpwould it be feasable by modifying sales order layout to decide not to show prices of the components of the solution ?16:24
cedksisalp: why not, it is just a report16:31
cedksisalp: but I don't think it is the right way to sale composite products16:38
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zodman not resolve ip17:53
cedkzodman: it is you17:54
zodmanok! cedk17:54
zodmancongrats for 2.2 release xD i seen de updates on pypi17:55
bechamelzodman, cedk: me too,  (Host not found)17:57
cedkbechamel: what is the result of dig18:01
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cedkzodman, bechamel: it should be fixed in <1 hour18:05
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cedkplease test:
cedkand also
plantianAny updates on the mac client ?20:45
plantianI guess it wasn't supposed to get fixed until after 2.2 release and that isn't done yet, just hopeful.20:47
cedkplantian: I have issues to build pygtk20:48
plantianYeah, I had issues remotely setting up the dev environment on a mac and that is the only access I have.20:50
cedkit builds but on runtime the gtk lib is not find20:51
plantiancedk: Well I'm trapped in 1.8, is there anything I can do other than installing an entire development setup on a end-user's system?20:57
cedkplantian: find a way to build last pygtk21:30
cedkplantian: anyway, I will try to work on it this week-end21:38
plantiancedk: Okay, thanks, I guess there must not be that many people using OS X.21:39
cedkplantian: for me, it is not the most important OS21:42
zodmanACTION testing neso on win xp box22:16
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zodmancedk:  neso works good on a win xp box :)22:49
cedkzodman: ok thx23:17
cedkzodman: could you also test the client23:18
cedkzodman: the demo server is already setup23:18
cedkI can not test myself because I have all the dev libs installed23:18
zodmanno problem man.23:21
zodmanonly now i am busy on couple hours test it.23:21
cedkzodman: I can wait until tomorrow23:22

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