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udonocedk: hi, did you recognize:
cedkudono: yes11:08
cedkudono: do you get a copy?11:08
udonocedk: I downloaded the copy in 2009 and found it in my archive.11:10
cedkudono: could you send it me11:36
udonocedk: you can download the copy
udonocedk: I post it on the issue.11:37
cedkudono: thx11:38
udonocedk: welcome11:42
cedkudono: it looks quite good11:47
udonocedk: yes, but the maintainer spokes about problems with this in the above issue.11:58
udonocedk: BTW are you planning a calender widget for tryton?11:59
cedkudono: hippocanvas seems to be abandonned so it is really not the way to go12:00
cedkudono: and goocanvas seems to be the choosen one of GTK+12:02
cedkudono: I don't know yet about calendar view12:02
cedkudono: I think it could be useful to be able to display some Models on a timeline base12:02
udonocedk: yes, interesting12:03
udonocedk: afaik hippocanvas was used on OLPC in the past. But don't know if it is for now.12:03
cedkudono: also I think interresting to dive a little bit into canvas programmation :-)12:06
hoRnhi - I needed a more complex graph for a module an so i was thinking about the possibillities to show graphs in tryton. finally I decided to use matplotlib and the widget for images - but while playing around, I was thinking about the simple use of something like or similar.12:06
udonocedk: :-)12:06
cedkudono: they was a lot of release since the comment of the SpiffWidget guy
cedkhoRn: what was the issue?12:09
cedkhoRn: why not improving the curren graph tool12:09
cedkudono: I guess there was a lot of progress with the text rendering12:10
hoRncedk: because I needed a result in hours, not in weeks ;)12:10
cedkhoRn: so improve to expand by hours instead of days12:11
hoRncedk: i meant my working time ...12:12
hoRncedk: - I needed to display stuff like this. but i will take a look to soon as possible ....12:15
cedkhoRn: you can, there is an example for currency rate12:16
hoRncedk: thank you - i will check this ...12:17
cedkhoRn: but for sure, could be improved12:21
hoRncedk: thanks! this example is unfortunately a little bit hidden in the code - i didn't find it as an example for my needs. Thanks - looks good - back in some hours ;)  need to switch to graph widget12:26
cedkzodman: did you test?13:42
sharooncedk: when i manually call pay_invoice even if the amount is complete, it does not reconcile and take invoice to paid state13:50
sharooncedk: any idea ?13:50
sharooncedk: manually_call == call from a proteus script13:50
sharooncedk: s/proteus/python13:51
yangoonsharoon: any rounding issues?13:51
yangoonsharoon: do you use multicurrency?13:51
sharooncedk: yes13:52
sharoonyangoon: yes13:52
sharoonyangoon: its multicurrency13:52
cedksharoon: pay_invoice doesn't do reconciliation13:52
yangoonsharoon: so the amounts depend on the rates13:53
yangoonsharoon: if there are differences du to rate calculation they have to be booked to a write-off13:53
sharoonyangoon: the amount to pay is zero after that is done13:55
sharooncedk: so how does the state change to paid when the pay button is used ?13:55
cedksharoon: It try to make a reconciliation13:56
cedksharoon: use the wizard if you want to same behavior13:57
cedksharoon: by the way, I don't know how you can call pay_invoice from prteus as it is not an rpc method13:57
sharooncedk: can i programmatically replicate the behavior ?13:57
sharooncedk: not proteus, its a python script13:57
cedksharoon: you can, it is not in pay_invoice because you must choose which line to reconcile13:59
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zodmancedk: sorry dude i can not test it. :( on 4hrs (lunch time) i will test it.17:50

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