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yangoonback from TUL2011, thx for a great event!11:40
zxq9Is there a more current explanation of how to create reports in a new module than what's on the wiki?15:20
zxq9What else must be done than adding this to the bottom of the XML file?
zxq9The "print report" button is still greyed out, and no meny item is created, so it seems like something is missing.15:28
cedkzxq9: did you select a record?15:30
zxq9Yes. I created a record, saved it, and the print button is still greyed.15:30
zxq9It seems like a small step is missing in the explanation.15:31
cedkzxq9: oh yes, in 2.2 you must use hello.hello,-1 instead of hello.hello,015:32
zxq9What does the number indicate?15:33
zxq9Ah, that worked. Still curious about the number meaning.15:36
cedkzxq9: it is the id of the record for which the action should work15:36
cedkzxq9: before 0 means any records, but there is some cases where you could actually have a real record with id 015:37
cedkzxq9: so we changed for -1 which does exist15:37
zxq9So you could specify a report in the XML by record number (>= 0) or -1 means last/current record?15:38
cedkzxq9: no -1 means any records15:39
zxq9So is there ever a case to use a different value than -1?15:41
cedkzxq9: yes by example for menu15:51
zxq9cedk: One more question. Is it possible to input a string into a sentence without replacing the whole line?16:03
zxq9At the moment if I have a line that starts "We will be meeting at <code to insert meeting.locatin>." then the whole line just becomes whatever meeting.location is.16:05
cedkzxq9: I don't understand16:19
zxq9How do I concatenate a string from a field in the database to text in the ODT? Right now the output from Tryton replaces any text on the same line instead of concatenating the strings.16:21
cedkzxq9: this is strange because it is not the case in reports like invoice.odt16:45
zxq9It looks like it has to do with where the tags start and end. If a <for> tag starts on the same line as normal text in the document, the <for> tag results replace whatever text was there. But plain text within tags or not separate lines works like normal.17:13
TelesightHello all, I have uploaded a first video of the TUL2011, can someone check if the sound is acceptable?
zxq9Sound is excellent. And I've been really looking forward to this -- thanks for posting it!17:39
zodmanTelesight: upload more plz!17:39
TelesightOk, sound is ok, nice. Background speakers are more difficult to hear, we had no microphone over there ...17:41
zxq9It is much better than some of the OReilly presentations. Since I couldn't attend this is very nice to be able to see what happened.17:44
zxq9cedk: +1 about the AGPL. There are several people who are a bit confused about the AGPL. Hopefully the next version will be a more clear to non-lawyers.17:47
TelesightStill 66 GB video to compress ;-)17:53
zxq9Looking forward to it. Thank you very much for taking your time for this.17:53
TelesightUploading the video is what takes the most time ...17:56
TelesightIs this intro also nice to publish?
TelesightZodman: acceptable?18:22
zodmanthe yellow word i not like me.18:23
zodmanIt is a unconference, not a movie.18:23
zodmanbut you own the videos you edit as you like18:31
TelesightZodman: The video's I have finished I will publish on the forum from now on. I am glad that the sound is acceptable, because that is always an issue with video's.18:37
zodmanI think it is aceptable.18:38
lem0naTelesight: the sound is fine18:58

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