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zxq9Anyone from OpenHex here?05:30
zxq9Is it always necessary to derive a class from ModelWorkflow to use buttons?08:12
zxq9Is there a default widget for fields.Time()?10:56
cedkzxq9: no because there is no fields.Time10:57
zxq9 ?11:37
cedkzxq9: oh yes11:43
cedkzxq9: so there is no widgets11:43
zxq9trytond/model/fields/ -- but yes, no widget11:43
zxq9Is there a convenient one in GTK, I wonder?11:43
zxq9Should be easy to implement, I just don't know GTK very well.11:44
zxq9I might do it next week just to learn about GTK. (I've been doing Qt4/C++ lately, this is actually the first time I've used Python, too)11:45
cedkzxq9: indeed it will be a good contribution, it will allow to replace the float_time widget11:49
nicoejmsbrry: in singapour ? I hope you have a decent flight back to australia.12:08
jmsbrrynicoe: thanks very much12:09
PanderHi all, I have implemented searching in categories but it can be optimised I think, also sorting category column in party tree view is hard to enable. It would please me if someone can give my some extra pointer on
cedkFYI, there is an PG extension for storing (key, value)14:24
cedkI think it can replace the MongoDB modules of Openlabs14:25
zxq9I saw a discussion about this earlier and I can't find it now. How do I insert a picture from the database into an ODT?15:24
zxq9Through a report, of course.15:24
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udonozxq9: hi, look at the relatorio documentation and demofiles.15:34
zxq9I am. Just haven't found anything about pictures yet. I suppose its there, somewhere.15:38
zxq9Ah, frame.15:40
zxq9How do I make a binary field in Tryton which contains image data an "expression when evaluated returns a couple whose first element is a file object and second element is its mimetype"?15:46
udonozxq9: I have done this in the past, but I don't remember how.16:07
nicoezxq9: you don't create a field for this16:10
nicoeeither you use always the same mimetype and then use this mimetype in the expression16:10
nicoeor you have two fields one for the data, the other for the mimetype16:10
nicoecase1 : image: ('image/png', object.image)16:11
nicoecase2 : image: (object.mimetype, object.image)16:11
nicoeI don't remember exactly the syntax but you've got the idea16:12
zxq9OK, this makes more sense. I'll try.16:14
zxq9Hmm... not quite as straightforward as it sounds.16:18
zxq9I'll figure it out eventually, I suppose. I wonder why we can't just pass something like a general "OLE" object or whatever to OpenOffice (openoffice is smart enough to pull its own metadata/doesn't care what the specific image type is).16:19
cedkzxq9: indeed no16:22
cedkzxq9: indeed it is not possible to autodetect with 100% accuracy the type of a file16:24
zxq9Users are much worse at it than computers, though. I don't expect to get reliable answers from the user if I add a "mimetype" field in the form next to the picture.16:25
zxq9But OpenOffice lets me drag&drop image files into text documents with no issue.16:26
zxq9If we can grab onto whatever method it is that openoffice uses to permit that, we could make image insertion much easier.16:26
cedkzxq9: I guess it rely on the DnD protocol of the OS16:27
zxq9Or the desktop manager, anyway. But somehow this works across OSes and across window managers within the same OS -- so something is generalized here that should be usable.16:28
zxq9It would require a bit of time to figure out. Which means *after* I figure out how to get this to work the current way first. :-)16:29
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zodmancedk:  on Telesight videos you start talking ? at part1 ?23:57
zodmanor you on left ?23:57

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