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sampacHi all! Beginners question: is it normal that I can not find any "delete" button to delete a record ? I'm logged as admin and belong to groups that have permission to delete such model15:24
cedksampac: it is in the form menu15:28
udonosampac: left from the view title there is an icon. There you find the delete function.15:28
sampacoh yeah! the spanner and screwdriver... I overlooked this button! Thanks for the help15:29
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cedkI'm working on a module carrier_weight to compute carrier price based on the wieght of products20:25
cedkI think it must create a specific module to put the weight field on product20:26
cedkbut I think this module could also add height width and length20:26
cedkbut I don't know how to name it20:26
cedkproduct_dimensions, product_measures…?20:27
Telesightcedk: measurements20:30
cedkI think I will not create the module20:30
cedkI find that there is a concept: dimensional weight20:30
cedkused for shipment cost20:31
jcmcedk: sure, this dimensional_weight is used by some carriers, for instance UPS or SHL20:32
jcmcould be another computed total made when a shipment is computed20:33
jcmthough it's quite hard to guess how many products, each with H, W, L would be arranged in a box and therefore how to compute the resulting dimensional weight of the box shipped20:34
jcmmaybe the base 'dimensions' module should simply add height, length, widht & weight to product and have combinations methods20:36
jcmthe only and basic combination method would be to add height, find width maxi and length maxi, add weight20:37
jcmother modules could provide other methods of packing and provide other ways to compute those resulting dimensions20:37
cedkjcm: it seems there is no standard way to compute the dimensional_weight21:08
cedkwhy carriers don't use 2d price list with weight and density21:09
cedkTelesight: it seems you are right: product measures is a mathematical concept21:12
jcmcedk: yes, UPS provides its own formula21:30
jcmso each carrier would need a way to compute their shipment  prices21:30
cedkjcm: each carrier must have his own dimensional weight computation formula21:31
cedkjcm: after that the price list will still be just weight-price21:32
jcmI agree; so the design would not change so much for this module?21:34
cedkjcm: the question is should this dimensional weight be computed per lines of shipment or for all the shipment21:39
jcmthe dimensional weight has no meaning for a single product, it's by box21:40
jcmand it's very hard to find a way to know how the products can be grouped into boxes  for shipment21:41
cedkjcm: it is not hard, it is NPC (I think)21:42
jcmsry, what is NPC?21:42
cedkjcm: but I think in most case, 1 shipment = 1 box21:43
jcmno, with UPS you can send many box in one shipment21:46
cedkjcm: but they must compute 1 price for the all?21:48
jcmcedk: the algorithm is NPC, but mostly you get some parameters that are not described in Tryton: some products cannot be placed below another (if fragile), some must be placed vertically while some other can be moved, and so on. Taking in account all these parameters to guess how the packager will arrange his bow is undoable, except maybe in some compagnies where packaging would be very standardized.21:50
cedkjcm: ok but at the end, you will have a dimensional weight for the all shipment?21:52
jcmIf I remember well, each box has its dimensional weight while the shipment price is computed for the whole shipment21:54
jcmsome infos here :
jcmthey say: For multiple package shipments, total the billable weight of all packages in the shipment.21:56
jcmto code such way to bill shipments, the carrier shipment price module should have a form where the packager would indicate the size of the boxes he packed...21:58
jcmbut this changes the workflow. Probably not worth being included in base module21:59
jcmseems that dhl uses the same definition as Ups:
jcmvocabulary; I should use 'parcel' instead of 'box'22:06
cedkjcm: I think it is pointless to try to modelize such things22:12
cedkjcm: the system should try to compute a price close to the reality22:12
cedkjcm: but for specific cases where there is more then 1 parcel then it is up to the packager to update the computed price with the real one22:13
cedkjcm: otherwise, you will need to have in the system every parcel of the carrier, make the user select each lines of the shipment and link it one or many parcel22:14
cedkjcm: I think it is too much work for very few benefit because any way, the carrier will compute it and tell you the price22:15
jcmmaybe someone will need this (with serial number tracking in production) ; should be possible in the future, but I don't need it22:15
cedkso for me, the best is to have the simple design where a shipment = a parcel but coded in a way to allow further extension to work with multiple parcel22:16
jcmimho, the most interesting future extension would be a module dedicated to a carrier, that would compute + transmit data + print bar codes labels to put on parcel22:17
cedkany way, I think putting all in 1 parcel is just a non optimized packaging22:18
cedkjcm: what do you mean by "compute" and "transmit data" ?22:18
jcmin our case, we send 5 to 30 parcel every day, and maybe only once a month we need to send many parcel for the same order.22:19
jcmcompute price to put on the label (i.e. compute total weight of products + add weight of package), trnasmit data to the carrier (with a network service instead of using their dedicated software runinng only on windows) and print the barcode label.22:21
oxcarSomebody How convert csv to po translation file22:42
oxcarSomebody How convert csv file to po ile?22:44
oxcarSomebody How convert csv file to po ifle?22:44
oxcarSomebody How convert csv file to po file?22:47
ciupicrioxcar, why don't you write a script in Python?22:48
oxcar@ciuprici: because I think that maybe already exists22:54
cedkoxcar: we made the translation migration by just uploading csv translation with the old engine and export it with the new one22:57
oxcar@ cedk: Thanks now I understand...23:18
sampacGuys, can anyone point me to a tutorial and explain how to proceed in Tryton to pay an invoice ? Something like account_payment in openerp...23:49

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