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cjbarnes18Hi all, I have tried using the time data type in a model, model inits OK but client has a fit, any one know of any issues here?01:12
cedkcjbarnes18: there is no widget for time01:19
cjbarnes18cedk: ahh, ok.01:58
cjbarnes18cedk: is there one for datetime?01:59
cedkcjbarnes18: yes02:45
cedkACTION bbl02:45
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ndn_pithello! how can I set size to image widget? my image is always in single size...13:11
cedkndn_pit: you can use the attributed img_height, img_width but they will always have the same size for all records13:14
ndn_pitok that is what I need, thank you13:15
ndn_pitcedk: how can I set my fields and labels in group aligned to top, by default they are aligned to middle?13:34
cedkndn_pit: yalign13:37
ndn_pitcedk: yes, can i set it to group tag?13:38
cedkndn_pit: no13:44
ndn_pitcedk: then how can i use yalign? i have 3 field in group, they are placed in 1 column and aligned to middle...13:46
cedkndn_pit: define on each field where to put them13:48
ndn_pitcedk: how can I print report for One2Many field? It's OK if model opens from menu, but if I want to print from parent model?14:49
cedkndn_pit: write a wizard14:51
ndn_pitcedk: I wrote wizard for child model (that is One2Many field), but I can not find button to run that wizard on parent model?15:20
cedkndn_pit: I don't understand15:28
ndn_pitcedk: I have model1 that has field One2Many(model2), and I have report for model2, and I want to print that report from model1's form...15:30
ndn_pitcedk: I wrote wizard for model2 but it is not helped me...15:31
cedkndn_pit: no you must write a wizard for model115:32
ndn_pitndn_pit: then it will print that report for all medel2 that is related to model1, how can i print report for selected record of model2?15:33
cedkndn_pit: you must open in new tab the list of records of model215:34
cedkndn_pit: with a relate for example15:34
ndn_pitcedk: that is I what I feared... It's so inconvenient...15:36
cedkndn_pit: you must understand that to run a report the records must be saved on the server-side but on a one2many widget it is not necessary the case15:37
cedkyou can see this
ndn_pitcedk: ok, thank you15:42
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jcmhi, I'm blocked on my 2.2 server install: seems the server is not seen by my client, nothing happens in the log. Can I try to talk with the server in json by telnet?16:30
jcmwhere can I find some examples of this dialog?16:31
cedkjcm: I think it is IPv6 issue16:34
cedkjcm: could you look if your localhost (or whatever) resolve to the IPv6 address16:34
jcmi'm in ipv4 only here :/16:39
cedkjcm: are you sure?16:40
cedkjcm: also by default trytond listen only on localhost16:40
jcmI need to check my router, but quite sure16:40
jcmI have in conf jsonrpc = *:8000 in my trytond.conf16:42
jcmI double checked my routing to server, and it worked with 2.0 so I don't suspect it16:42
cedkjcm: it is an other port16:48
jcmtrid without ssl, I get Error code 400 to my telnet { "method": "echo", "params": ["Hello JSON-RPC"], "id": 1}16:49
jcmcedk: why isn't the port 8000 ?17:57
cedkjcm: in 2.0 it was still 8070 and in 2.2 it is 800017:58
jcmsure, my config has 8000 and I'm on 2.217:59
cedkjcm: but is the firewall opened etc?18:01
jcmyes; telnet to tryton on port 8000 gives a html answer, strange for jsonrpc?18:06
cedkjcm: try: instead of *:800018:24
jcmcedk: doesn't seem to be this. I have a problem with postgres ident that didn't exist in 2.0.19:08
cedkjcm: strange because there was no changes on this part19:09
jcmwhen the client tries to connect, I see a line in server log INFO:database:connect to "essai23"19:09
jcmbut connection is always rejected, either as erroneous passwd, or with msg recommending to check postgres is alive on 543219:10
jcmshould I fill the conf field db_password if my postgres user is a unix user?19:11
jcmI can connect to psql on cli19:11
cedkjcm: normally no19:13
jcmcedk: why did you speak about ipv6 ? I can try to migrate my router to ipv619:15
cedkjcm: it is because it is a come error19:17
cedkjcm: if the server has ipv6 support, it is preferred over ipv419:17
jcmok, I'll continue to explore... I cannot check modules ports on 2.2 before I have a running install. I have a copy on my laptop but have no mac client yet for 2.2.19:20
cedkjcm: I can check if you give me ssh access19:22
cedkgot a problem with the new Wizard implementation20:07
cedkI use Pickles to store the session values but pickles doesn't work on buffer (which is used for Binary fields)20:08
cedkI should perhaps use json?20:09
pokolihi all20:21
pokolithere is any unofficial tryton modules repository?20:21
cedkpokoli: not really, there is: and
cedkpokoli: but at the TUL2011, some says that they don't want to use it20:22
pokolicedk, you say that there are people that will publish (or not) their modules in a separated repo?20:24
cedkpokoli: some uses bitbucket and others github20:25
cedkpokoli: yes there is20:25
pokoliIMHO it's better to mantain a central repo20:25
pokoliwith links in other repos if you want20:25
cedkpokoli: everybody is free to use what he wants20:26
pokolibut to got a place where all the modules got listed (at leasts)20:26
cedkpokoli: indeed a good practice is to make release and publish it on pypi under:
pokolicedk, will help to avoid to reivent the wheel20:26
cedkpokoli: also we don't want to have missunderstanding on what is part of Tryton and what is not20:28
pokolii understand your point and i agree that a good practice is to publish in pypi20:30
pokolibut there are the oficial modules to, aren't they?20:30
pokoliand that would cause the missunderstaning you said20:31
cedkpokoli: no because there is a attribute for the publisher20:31
pokolicedk: you mean author?20:32
pokolicedk, i don't see the publisher20:34
cedkpokoli: yes author20:35
pokolicedk, i supose that all the B2CK authored modules are the official ones, and the other are unofficial20:38
pokolibut i think that this is not easy for newcommers on tryton20:38
cedkpokoli: yes we must clean all this and set to tryton20:40
pokoliThanks :)20:40
pokoliwas only a comment indeed20:40
cedkpokoli: added to
pokoliThanks, hope it my coment will help20:47
pokolicedk, how can a custom develop module become a oficial tryton module'22:40
cedkpokoli: submit it to review22:46
cedkpokoli: but it must be generic enough to be included22:47
grasbauercedk: hi22:49
grasbauercedk: you wrote price_list modules?22:49
cedkgrasbauer: yes22:51
pokolicedk, i'tm thinking in writing a project_gtd22:52
pokolior better task_gtd22:52
grasbauercedk: because I'm thinking about a button to generate price_list.lines with one click for all salable products. I don't kow if its to much - but adding product per product is hard for lazybones22:53
pokolicedk: would be that generic enough¿22:53
cedkgrasbauer: if you can write a method for that, you should be able to write a formula in the price with 1 line22:53
cedkpokoli: depends22:53
grasbauercedk: good idea - like a default formula which are set on all products?22:55
pokolidepends on what?22:56
pokolicedk, would be gratefully to have a longer answer than depends :)22:56
cedkgrasbauer: yes and if you need more parameter you can extend it23:09
cedkpokoli: it will depend on the quality of the code, the genericity, the simplicity etc.23:09
pokolicedk the method is to post it in the code review and if it fits it would be included, isn't it?23:15
cedkpokoli: yes but you can also start to talk about your design on the mailing list23:16
cedkpokoli: you will have more chances to have something generic23:16
pokolicedk, i've just suscribed to the mailing list23:21

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