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sampacHello. I couldn't find information on how to import a record in data via xml for a many2many field. Can anyone point me to correct syntax ?11:28
bechamelsampac: you must insert records in the m2m table11:29
bechamelsampac: example
sampacok so if I understand your example it requires that I declare first an object for the m2m (because up to now I just supplied a relation_name in m2m declaration) ?11:42
bechamelsampac: yes you have to define two m2o in your class definition11:45
sampacOk that solves my problem. Thanks a lot :-)11:45
udonoHi, is there a way to test if a property field (type Many2One) is not set (or empty) in a domain clause?11:48
udonoWhen I use ('m2o_property', '=', False) I get a ProgrammingError: operator does not exist: integer = boolean LINE 1: ...True) THEN (cast(split_part(value,',',2) as int4) = false)11:48
udonoI checked but can not find an implementation for this.11:50
sampacI'm trying to import a salable product via xml but I can't set the "account_revenue" field because linking "account_revenue" to products is limited to records of the company present in the transaction context (domain limitation). But this context is not set during the update process so it fails... Is there a solution ? like forcing the context during update ?12:56
cedksampac: the solution is to not use xml for importing product12:58
cedksampac: use proteus instead13:01
sampaccedk: ok thanksI didn't know this tool.14:04
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cedkudono: about review 188001 and 185003, do you have any usage in mind for a searcher?15:33
udonocedk: maybe search the deliverydate to prepare deliveries for a specific day or period. It may needed to buy packing material, stamps or so.15:37
udonocedk: but for me it is jaust a sugestion15:37
cedkudono: this is the role of the shipments15:39
udonocedk: you seem right, it has not much to do with sale/purchase.15:42
cedkudono: ok so review are ok for you?15:51
udonocedk: yes15:53
cedkudono: LGTM on review :-)15:55
udonocedk: already done :-)15:55

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