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zxq9_Are there any tutorials on how to use Function fields to retrieve data from a model linked through a Many2One relationship, for example?04:59
jcmcedk: hi15:51
jcmcedk: with the carrier module, there's something I don't undestand in the concept15:51
jcmcedk: the carrier is the company who moves the products, isn't it?15:51
jcmcedk: if a shipping company has 3 shipping products, how can I choose between them for the shipment_cost? the field on sale points only to carrier and not on carrier product15:52
cedkjcm: the carrier is the service16:13
jcmcedk: so I need to create a carrier for each shipping products ?16:26
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cedkjcm: yes16:27
jcmcedk: then I don't see the difference between a shipping (service) product and a carrier16:28
jcmand in English I'm not sure, but in French the word 'transporteur' means the company who sells shipping service, not the service16:29
cedkjcm: and what is the problem?16:29
bechamelcedk: it looks like the problem is the vocabulary16:38
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jcmbechamel: exactly. I expect the thing to be what I understand from the name...17:13
jcmmore, for carrier, I don't see the point naming two things the same : I will have a carrier ShippingServiceXX for each product ShippingServiceXX17:14
jarray52I'm getting the error message:18:59
jarray52No option 'databas' in section : <database_name>18:59
bdunnetteEvening, all...20:03
bdunnetteIs there a simple way to add a company's logo to reports? For instance, would adding it to the header_a4 file do this - and is that only effective if you're using A4-formatted reports (which we don't here in the US)?20:04
cedkbdunnette: no and in the future the header will be removed20:12
cedkjarray52: I think it is duplicated with
jarray52cedk: Yes. I saw that. The problem persisted even after uninstalling, but I just realized that tryton creates a config directory in $HOME/.config/tryton, which I'm deleting and retesting now.20:15
bdunnettecedk: Is there some other way to insert a logo, then, short of creating a custom module?20:15
cedkbdunnette: what do you mean?20:18
bdunnettecedk: Is there a way to have a company's logo (or other image) inserted into the report header?20:24
cedkbdunnette: you can with the header_a4.odt but as I said this will be removed otherwise add it to the wanted reports20:25
bdunnettecedk: Ah, I see... so the way to do it, going forward, would be to add it to each individual report; that makes sense, thanks!20:26
cedkbdunnette: but be careful that if you hard-code the image in the template, it will be for any companies20:31
bdunnettecedk: Understood - our current install is for a single company, so that shouldn't be an issue!20:44
jarray52I'm getting the error message: INFO:dispatcher:bad login or password 'tryton' from using NetRPC on database '<database_name>'.21:59
jarray52When I tried logging into mysql with tryton, I had no problems with the same password.22:00
jarray52Any suggestions?22:00
jarray52I'm getting the error message: INFO:dispatcher:bad login or password 'tryton' from using NetRPC on database '<database_name>'22:16
jarray52However, I can login to mysql with the user tryton and the same password.22:16
jarray52Any suggestions?22:17
jarray52I'm getting the error: INFO:dispatcher:bad login or password 'tryton' from using NetRPC on database '<Database name>'. However, I can login to mysql with the username tryton.22:35
cedkjarray52: the database password is different of the user password22:39
jarray52cedk: I'm doing a trial run and set them both to 'password'.22:40
cedkjarray52: and you created a user 'tryton' in Tryton?22:41
jarray52cedk: Do you mean a profile? Or a user?22:42
cedkjarray52: a user. There is no profile22:43
jarray52cedk: After starting the trytond server and then the tryton client, I see the login. It gives me the option to Manage profiles and/or enter host, database, user name, and password.22:46
jarray52cedk: And, the config file has a tryton user. Is there something else I need to do?22:50
jarray52cedk: I have a db_user and a db_password. I also granted the tryton user in mysql the ability to create databases. And then created a database through the tryton client.23:05
jarray52cedk: Is there something else that needs to be done?23:05
jcmjarray52: in the menu, did you try to Create database ?23:07
jarray52jcm: Yes. The database creation worked fine.23:07
jcmjarray52: then login to the created db with admin/admin23:08
jcmlater edit the user in Administration and change the password23:08
jarray52jcm: When using admin/admin, I get the same error message: "Connection error! Bad username or password!"23:09
jarray52jcm: Should I try creating a new database?23:10
jarray52jcm: Oh... I need to use admin with the admin password that I entered when creating the database.23:11
jarray52jcm: Thanks.23:12
jarray52jcm: Now, I can add users.23:12
jarray52jcm: Thanks.23:12
jarray52I'm getting the message: The field "Rate" on "Unit of measure has too many decimal digits." Is this problem caused by user stupidity or some other problem?23:50

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