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jcmjarray52: never seen this... maybe bad decimal separator?00:20
jarray52jcm: It occurred while installing modules.00:21
jarray52jcm: On OpenBSD5.0.00:21
jarray52jcm: using tryton packages in the repositories. There also seems to be an issue with _thread and thread naming. I'm using python2.7, but the calendar module is loading _thread, but perhaps the problem is with a python module loading _thread.00:22
jarray52jcm: In which module does rate in units of measure occur? I wonder if this is caused by a difference in size of floating point numbers in different OSes.00:37
jcmdo you see this on starting the server?00:41
jarray52jcm: No. Only in the client00:42
jcmdid you load the modules with Admin > Modules (selecting) then Activate modules action ?00:42
jarray52jcm: No. Administration->Modules->Modules(selected)00:44
jarray52jcm: After selection I selected Perform Pending Installation/Upgrade.00:45
jarray52jcm: Is that what you meant?00:46
jarray52jcm: Is there a way to install modules individually as opposed to all at once?00:51
jcmjarray52: yes, that 's the right action00:53
jcmjarray52: select only those you want to install00:53
jarray52jcm: One unmet dependency and this thing gives the user hell.00:57
jarray52jcm: Is it normal to have to restart both the client and server after an unmet dependency?00:58
jcmjarray52: I'm not advanced enough to answer sych question ;-)00:59
jarray52jcm: I suspect I'm doing something wrong. It asks me to file a bug report, and I try to close it, and it crashes. Perhaps it was intended. I should file the bug reports when they're automated.01:01
jarray52I successfully installed a module. Perhaps the problem is only with one module.01:03
jarray52jcm: I installed several modules. The problem arises with the product module. The server also gives an error. It states:01:09
jarray52ERROR:convert:Error while parsing xml file:01:09
jarray52In tag record: model product.uom with id uom_cubic_inch.01:09
cedkjarray52: the issue should come from MySQL backend01:13
cedkjarray52: please report a bug01:13
jarray52cedk: I'm using OpenBSD5.0 packages. OpenBSD uses version 2.0 if I'm not mistaken. Should I still report a bug?01:14
cedkjarray52: yes, MySQL is not very well tested because it is the worse database backend01:15
cedkjarray52: and so nobody is really using it01:15
jarray52worst in what sense?01:15
cedkjarray52: it is a poor database for data integrity01:16
cedkjarray52: read
cedkjarray52: if you really think about using Tryton in production, you should think about using postgresql01:17
jarray52cedk: Thanks.01:17
jcmcedk: I cannot activate ssl on my 2.2 install: when I try and reload the server, the client says Errno54, Connection reset by peer01:22
cedkjcm: you must fix the fingerprint file in ~/.config/tryton/x.y/01:22
jcmah, didn't think of this01:23
jcmcedk: thks, ssl activated01:29
zxq9_Given this code sample:
zxq9_I have two questions.04:58
zxq9_1- Is this a correct use of Function fields? I am trying to include the contract_num in each level of view in the client (whether looking at tasks, projects or contracts)04:59
zxq9_2- How can I make it possible to create a project and a task inside of that project from that view without running into the problem of the project not yet existing when the task is being saved?05:00
zxq9_(I may be explaining #2 poorly)05:00
zxq9_also, in tree view I cannot sort by clicking the contract_num column header. Why?05:02
zxq9_Hmmm... can't search by it, either. I'm doing something wrong in the view XML maybe? Do function fields require special handling for this?05:06
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jarray52When I try to use python 2.7, I have problems with all the calendar modules. I get the error: File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/python_dateutil-2.0-py2.7.egg/dateutil/", line 13, in <module>    import _thread06:41
jarray52Python 3.2 renamed thread to _thread.06:41
zxq9_jarray52: What OS are you using?07:30
zxq9_jarray52: or, distro is probably the correct question.07:31
zxq9_jarray52: Hrm... maybe the "port to Python 3" effort is just going ahead and breaking stuff. If that's the case it'd be more normal to bind Tryton 2.x to Python 2.{5...7} and make Tryton 3 bound to Python 3.07:38
zxq9_The 2.2 modules should work fine with Python 2.7, though. Or at least mine works fine.07:38
zxq9_How can I make a tree view sortable/searchable by a value in a function field?07:46
zxq9_Let me rephrase that... what field should order_field be set on?07:50
zxq9_How do I use "order_field" to permit sorting/searching by function fields?08:27
zxq9_Is it possible to sort or search a function field column in a tree view?10:13
bechamelzxq9_: to search on a function field you have to provide a search function, grep for "searcher" in the modules for examples10:16
zxq9_Ah... Ok. Thanks!10:23
sisalphi, is there a barcode solution for reports ?10:23
zxq9_hmmm... haven't heard of one, but wouldn't it be possible to feed a python module for creating barcodes a value and export an image, sort of how graphs work?10:25
udonosisalp: hi, paepke did some work on this, see
sisalpudono: thank you for the pointer.10:49
udonosisalp: welcome10:51
jcmsisalp: I'm interested to know wether this is a working solution ;-)11:05
sampacHi! Can someone point me to how trigger_model and trigger_ids work in workflow transition ?17:19
nicoeIt's complicated17:23
nicoetrigger_ids is a function that compute a list of ids17:24
nicoetrigger_model is the name of the model to use17:25
sampacbut which trigger is it triggering ? :-)17:25
sampaccreate, modify, delete ?17:26
nicoeI have to read the code to remember it17:26
nicoeIt creates a trigger on some ids of a model (computed as I explained)17:29
nicoethose object can then call workflow_trigger_trigger to "resume" the workflow that created the triggers17:31
nicoereading the code makes it clear : trytond/model/ and trytond/workflow/workflow.py17:31
sampacok I see. Like a stop point.17:32
sampacwill check the code you pointed. Thanks for your help17:32
jarray52I can't seem to connect to the Online Demo of tryton linked through the website. Is there something I need to do?18:20
cedkjarray52: I can connect18:29
jarray52cedk: I click on the link and enter demo/demo?18:32
cedkjarray52: it is WebDAV only18:32
jarray52cedk: I'm talking about the links on this page:
jarray52I just see Collection: /18:34
jarray52Powered by trytond version 2.2.118:34
jarray52Presumably that is not what I'm suppose to see.18:35
cedkjarray52: it is18:36
cedkjarray52: it is the WebDAV18:36
jarray52cedk: Why even bother putting it up?18:37
jarray52An apache server printing the words Collection: / could replicate this.18:37
cedkjarray52: for testing the WebDAV18:37
jarray52I suspect there is a misunderstanding. There is nothing there even to test except the words Collection: /18:38
bechameljarray52: to connect to the demo server you have to install the client18:42
cedkjarray52: connect with a caldav client18:43
jarray52cedk: I installed and tested a server locally.18:49
jarray52cedk: I know how the non-web based client works. It's a little clunky, but I see the functionality. What separates tryton from OpenERP's demo are fairly trivial cosmetic things, but they do have a big impact on useability.18:50
jarray52bechamel: So, the web interface is non-existent?18:51
jarray52bechamel: I know it's in development. There is no alpha or beta version, right?18:52
bechameljarray52: more gamma18:52
bechamelor epsilon :)18:52
jarray52bechamel: beta=needs user testing; alpha=needs developer testing; gamma=needs developers; and epsilon=...18:54
bechameljarray52: need time :)18:54
jarray52It's nice software.18:54
jarray52It's very close to being very useable.18:55
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