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sampaccedk: Morning. An information I couldn't find: is it possible to disable the "create new" button on a one2many widget ? I want to allow only add/remove of existing records. (solution other than access rights because the records must be created on another view)08:09
reichlichcedk, can I run tests without recreating the test database for every run?15:28
cedkreichlich: no15:51
reichlichcedk, should the test for issue203002 placed into the company module?15:52
cedkreichlich: no15:53
reichlichcedk, where else?15:54
cedkreichlich: in trytons15:54
cedkreichlich: in trytond15:54
reichlichcedk, but the company module extends the property model15:55
cedkreichlich: yes and what does it have with the issue?15:58
reichlichcedk, is it not the main thing with the property field, that it stores company based?16:04
cedkreichlich: but it has nothing to do with the issue16:09
reichlichcedk, ok16:14
udonohi, someone has an idea if the view title given in the string attribute of form or tree element in xml should change according to the view type? E.g. when I open party tree, the title is 'Parties'. When changing to form view, the title is also 'Parties' instead of 'Party'. Is this behavior correct?20:25
cedkudono: for me, it is ok because you are on a list20:26
udonocedk: but why defining ir.ui.view with <form string=...> and <tree string=...> instead of using the id from the record to identify views?20:35
udonocedk: Is the string attribute needed elsewhere? For me it looks like it is no longer needed, but must be defined on every view and translated. The user never sees the content of the string attribute.20:41
cedkudono: indeed, it uses first the name of the action if there is none, it uses the string of the first view20:43
cedkudono: but perhaps there is a better way to do20:44
udonocedk: maybe, when string attribute would be required on ir.action.act_window, we don't need the string attribute on form and tree views. Sounds like a big change. And we already have many big changes in 2.3.20:47
cedkudono: it is already required20:48
cedkudono: indeed there is some cases where the client create a view without an act_window20:48
cedkudono: like when opening a many2one20:48
cedkudono: but perhaps it is possible to find always a solution20:48
cedkudono: like for many2one using the label of the field20:49
cedkudono: I think it is a good idea to try to remove string from XML20:50
superkaoshello, anybody knows of a good manual for tryton?21:38
cedksuperkaos: a manual for which usage?23:03

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