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superkaosan introductory manual, a general manual, some sort of tutorial to learn how to adapt tryton to a particular usage01:00
scrapperhello folks I know this error has been disussed already, now I want you to ask for a solution. Maybe you already know it. I get this SSL error Error: [("SSL routines', 'SSL23_GET_CLIENT_HELLO', 'http request')]13:40
scrapperis there a problem because I am already logged in with ssh?13:40
scrapperpointing to multiple certificates?13:40
scrapperI am trying to connect with tryton-client without SSL works well. But not with SSL.13:41
scrapperthanks for help in advance.13:41
cedkscrapper: you must fix the fingerprint file13:42
scrapperoh good idea, so if i logout with SSH go to fingerprint file delete everything than a new handshake should be instantiated. so than tryton-client has a working SSL file but I can not connect with SSH?13:43
scrapperwould be great to have SSH and tryton working with the same certificates. I know how to tell tryton to use the snake-oil certs.13:43
scrapperbut i have to look what ssh is using.13:44
scrappergood point cedk will try the fingerprint-file.13:44
cedkscrapper: tryton has nothing to do with ssh13:45
scrapperi know13:45
cedkscrapper: I'm talking about the fingerprint of tryton13:45
scrapperoh I thought you talk about the fingerprint of the ssh handshake.13:45
scrapperyes I will delete known_hosts maybe this helps.13:46
scrappertry to fix fingerprint now. thx13:52
scrapperas i am running tryton2.2 fingerprint seems to be fine.14:40
scrapperSo i had a double issue... i changed the user rights of /etc/ssl/private ... postgres did not startup... but trytond did not tell me. I think everything works fine now. Thanks cedk.15:46
messjuhi. i just found tryton and tried it and i am amazed. great stuff!15:47
messjumy question: is it possible to switch from one database backend (sqlite) to another (postgresql)?15:48
scrapperI think there shouldn't be any troubles.15:48
bechamelmessju: it depends on when you want to switch, and on what you expect when the switch is made15:49
messjubechamel: we're a small club and just want to manage stock and some products (drinks we sell at meetings and stuff) - and I think sqlite is enough for our needs15:52
scrappermessju: so your question was not switching the db backend. for you more important is to migrate sqlite to postgres in some years when you club is very famous. :-)15:53
messjuyes, exactly :)15:54
scrapperif you have the chance ... why not starting off with postgresql so you will be save :-)15:54
scrappermessju: here you have an example. but you will not need it i guess:
scrapperwhere is your club?15:57
messjuoldenburg, germany15:57
scrapperdann viel spaƟ im club. linz austria15:57
messjuhehe. danke15:58
bechamelmessju: there is also a script made by cedk:
scrappermessju: so is your database already running or do you have the chance to decide which db to use?15:59
messjuit's not running already16:00
scrapperwhats your basesystem?16:00
messjuthanks for the links!16:00
messjuI will check if hosting postgresql is not too much more cost than hosting sqlite16:00
scrapperis it your own server?16:00
messjuvirtual server16:01
scrapperoh ok16:01
scrappergood luck on your project16:01
scrapperjust a second I will give you some info16:01
scrapperRAM 49MB with tryton and postgresql running.16:02
scrapperwhich sure will become more bit i guess not with some drinks etc...16:03
scrappercu messju16:03
messjuthank you!16:03
messjuwe're still in the planning phase - so *now16:03
messju* i still can decide easily which way to go :)16:04
scrapperme too ;-)16:04
messjuvery nice. now i will go and convince my friends to go the tryton route ... :) cu16:12
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abeamudHi, I'm searching info how to create a wizard in tryton, but I can't find nothing.. Any link or simple code sample?16:26
cedkabeamud: you can have a look at
abeamudcedk: ok16:37
cedkabeamud: but this doc is abandoned because we are working on a new design for wizard16:44
abeamudcedk: ummm, I'll use another approach, the wizard was an option to create periodic invoices...16:46
cedkabeamud: but the doc is still valid16:48
abeamudcedk: when will be deprecated?16:49
cedkabeamud: next release16:50
abeamudcedk: ok16:51
abeamudmy last question... A good example showing how to create a periodic task (cron trigger) from code?17:54
bechamelabeamud: stock_supply/purchase_request.xml line 26917:56
abeamudbechamel: ok, a lot of thanks17:56
udonoabeamud: hi, do you know this:
abeamududono: very interesting , thank you18:27
scrappercu trytonics19:18
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