IRC logs of #tryton for Thursday, 2011-12-22 #tryton log beginning Thu Dec 22 00:00:02 CET 2011
yangooncedk: for maintenance release: should we head for a happy new year release after 24.12.?13:04
yangooncedk: we still have one issue, the migration code for invoice reports doesn't scale on large databases13:05
yangoonwe will provide soon the review13:05
yangoonbut it could also wait for the next bugfix release13:06
cedkyangoon: don't care13:08
yangooncedk: so I will do the release after 24.12.13:15
cedkyangoon: ok13:33
grasbauerHi all16:44
grasbaueranybody is using  GeneralLegder in 2.0? A client told me, that setting start- end end_period has no effect - the result is always the whole fiscalyear. I tried it as well - same for me ....16:47
-!- grasbauer( has left #tryton18:23
marc0swhat should i do if i don't want the name to be the default field shown of a related field but a combination of other two fields? in openerp there is name_get(), what's the way to do it with tryton, if any?19:47
cedkmarc0s: get_rec_name20:08
marc0scedk: thanks :)20:09

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