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sisalpI'd like to keep a module up to date. It comes from a code review location (account_fr)09:28
sisalpI set tortoise, but it doesn't propose this function : update from original source09:29
sisalpdoes hg remebre where it got files from at first ?09:30
udonosisalp: hello, afaik hgreview is able to catch this.
sisalpbechamel told me the old code review location would probably not fit with mercurial functions09:38
udonosisalp: I don't know09:42
bechameludono: does hg review works with tortoise ?09:42
udonobechamel: I don't know. Never used tortoise.09:45
udonobechamel: sisalp maybe it is possible in tortoise to define custom commands for specific tasks?09:46
sisalpudono: bechamel: thank you for your help, I will clone it daily from a script09:47
udonosisalp: yes, seems the best solution09:48
sisalptwo new French companies are experimenting Tryton, starting today :-)10:42
dellphhello ppl :011:05
dellphdoes tryton support multiple org, multiple client?11:06
cedkdellph: yes, we name it multi-company11:18
dellphcedk, do you have a wiki for this? :) i tried to google it but i have no luck11:31
dellphcedk, when i look at the models of the party, product there is no company id to link it with it11:33
cedkdellph: that's normal, by default it is shared11:51
dellphcedk, what do you mean default is shared? I came from adempiere erp all the tables have client_id and org_id. sorry for a dumb question im new in openerp11:53
cedkdellph: you can use it for any companies11:53
dellphcedk, so you can do inter company transaction?11:54
cedkdellph: not really11:55
cedkdellph: I mean there is no code for that11:55
dellphcedk, but you can build a module for it?11:56
sisalpdellph: no problem to be new in openerp here :-)11:56
dellphcedk, so its possible to make a module the would support multi company ?11:56
dellphsisalp, thanks :)11:57
cedkdellph: it depends what you mean by multi-company?11:59
dellphcedk, when i mean multi company/branch. in one transaction let say sales you specify what company is your working12:00
dellphso every document has a company_id12:00
dellphso this company/branch has also its own product12:01
sisalpdellph: if you separate everything, why don't you have separated databases ?12:01
dellphsisalp, there are many issues of separate database. example you have a product lets call it produc112:03
dellphproduct1 is availble to branch 1, branch 212:04
sisalpbranch1 is a company ?12:04
dellphyes a company can be a branch12:04
dellphso what we do in adempiere we put12:05
dellphproduct 1 client_id *12:05
dellphit means it available to all branch12:05
cedkdellph: this is the default in Tryton12:05
sisalpit implies you have a centralized product management12:05
dellphwe put a pricelist for branch1 , and branch 2 so that it can be seen to all branch12:06
dellphso there is no double encoding12:06
dellphthats one advantage to not separate database12:07
dellphalso in accounting12:07
dellphyou have inter company postings there will be less error prone12:07
dellphbecause it will create automatically inter company entries12:07
cedkdellph: this is not yet supported in Tryton12:07
dellphyou do not need to post it to other databse12:08
dellphcedk, oh i see. but it would possible?12:08
cedkdellph: why not12:08
dellphcedk, what i like in tryton its module12:08
sisalpthere are pros and cons, coupling separate companies by their erp is not something I recommand, but this is off-topic12:08
cedkdellph: but I already talked with sisalp, but such behavior must be design carefully12:09
cedkthe best will be to support EDI even for inside the system12:10
dellphcedk, so its like overhauling the core? or just a module?12:10
dellphsisalp, we came from quickbooks then adempiere.12:11
dellphsisalp, quickbooks is like that. every company has one database12:11
cedkdellph: it must be some extra modules12:11
dellphsisalp, but we really felt the advantage of one database for all branch12:12
dellphcedk, ok thats good news :)12:13
dellphcedk, do you have a functional book?12:13
dellphthat i can read.12:13
Telesightdellph: To administer Tryton, here is a start for a manual:
dellphTelesight, thanks for the link :)12:18
dellphsisalp, also the cons of one database for all branch you can see in the product info the list available product for each branch in one window12:24
dellphalso in account payable and receivables, it can easily consolidate in one statement12:25
dellphlet say a customer is allowed to a credit order in all branches12:25
dellphyou can easily see all his statement of account12:25
dellphcedk, is it possible to consolidate Financial Report in all your branches in tryton?12:27
cedkdellph: not yet12:28
dellphcedk, ok thanks :)12:28
cedkdellph: I think it is needed to define how to consolidate12:30
cedkdellph: but it should be doable to define a new pseudo account chart that group a set of accounts of different companies12:31
dellphcedk, if you make tryton to support multi companies would you say its a ambitious task?12:32
cedkdellph: as I said it already support it on some points12:33
dellphcedk, ok good :)12:34
cedkdellph: but if you want EDI and consolidation, it is not ambitious but some large project12:34
dellphcedk, thanks again12:39
sisalpdellph: the reason why I challenge this design is that when companies share data, they usually make business operations together and this is where it usually hurts12:54
sisalpmulti-company consolidation is doable in the erp if all companies use the same. Usually it is separated on purpose.12:56
sisalpwhen business rules are different, solution is often to separate12:58
jcmhi, why is the sale line description instead of product.description ?16:27
cedkjcm: shorter16:28
jcmcedk: why is the product description ignored? the line contains two times the same info, it's useless16:47
cedkjcm: I don't understand16:50
jcmcedk: on the sale line, I have two columns, name and description. Description is the same as name, though I entered a description in product. Bug or feature?16:59
cedkjcm: I don't have a column name17:01
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