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saxahi, is it working ?00:32
cedksaxa: there is no such server00:33
saxaoh ok00:33
saxaclear now00:33
saxaso what sould i use as a demo for latest master hg checkout +00:33
saxademo2.2 ?00:33
cedksaxa: latest release00:33
saxaok i get incompatible version of the server00:34
saxagood, so its probably better to create a local database here00:34
saxaI have cloned out both trytond and tryton hg sources00:35
cedksaxa: I guess you are using the trunk instead of 2.200:36
saxayour guess is correct00:37
saxai said latest master :)00:37
saxasorry for my expressions are more C then pythonistic :D00:37
saxayou have listed simplejson 2 times in the page00:38
saxait is required but also optional00:38
saxais it the 2.3.0 version already functional ?00:38
saxaI don't need it to be production wise stable00:39
saxajust functional, so I can play with it00:39
saxaor is it better to clone 2.2 ?00:39
saxai cloned trunk because I don't know how to clone out 2.2 , I'm not much familiar with hg00:40
cedksaxa: simplejson is only optional but hardly recommended00:40
saxaok will install also this dep then00:41
cedksaxa: we try to have trunk always stable and working00:41
saxaok, I undrstand, thx00:43
saxaok, seems that  "python install --root=/tmp/pack-trytond" command doesnt copy trytond.conf file into etc dir of the --root path01:23
cedksaxa: no it is something not supported by distutils01:27
saxahmm, shouldn't this be done by adding one simple line to ?01:31
saxain distutils i see this02:12
saxaThe data_files option can be used to specify additional files needed by the module distribution: configuration files, message catalogs, data files, anything which doesn't fit in the previous categories.02:12
saxaso /etc/trytond.conf should go in here02:13
sampacHi all. I would like to limit visibility of some models to the user's own objects (create_uid = logged in user). Is there an easy way with access rights ? or should I recreate all menus with a domain ?10:44
cedksampac: you can use ir.rule10:45
sampacNice! let me check10:49
sampaccedk: I don't manage to make the rule work. I put field:create_uid, operator: = and operand: USER11:16
sampaccedk: ok I found. In fact anything defined in groups is stronger than what is defined in users. I'm not sure it's correct design?11:35
cedksampac: I don't understand11:37
cedksampac: all the rules are applied the same way11:38
sampaccedk: It is not clear to me without doc what priority is applied for True versus False, for model access versus rule, etc. The only thing I'm sure is that the limitation w11:48
sampaccedk : I was trying to add only worked when attached to the group, not to the uer11:48
sisalpnicoe: what is the aim of gis project ?13:51
cedksisalp: you should ask to bioecoforests13:57
pilousisalp: we want handle geographic data with tryton.14:04
jcmhi all! How can I search a Party from a phone number? (useful to answer to phone calls)14:54
bechameljcm: it's not doable15:04
jcmbechamel: could be done, isn't it? seems this sql would do it: select name from party_party left join party_contact_mechanism pcm on where pcm.value like 'search str%';15:38
jcmbut maybe the text search engine presented on 11/11 would be better for this15:39
bechameljcm: the easiest solution is to improve search_rec_name on party to do this join automaticaly15:42
bechameljcm: I don't know how this use case will be handled by a fts btw15:46
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albertca@nicoe: are you there?16:36
cedkalbertca: without @ it works better ;-)16:40
albertcacedk: I'm mixing communication channels :D16:40
albertcanicoe: saw your patch for tryton client regarding binary fields16:41
nicoealbertca: I closed it finally16:41
albertcanicoe: does it now fill the field name and size when editing in tree view?16:42
albertcanicoe: I was about to open an issue about that but I'm not sure if it was because my patch was wrong16:42
nicoeno you're patch is fine16:43
nicoeI think the bug is there since the beginning16:43
albertcanicoe: Ok. Can you take a look at that? I don't know the client enough yet16:44
albertcanicoe: Do you want me to fill in a bug report16:44
nicoealbertca: please do so. Thanks16:47
albertcanicoe: Ok. Done: issue236916:50
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