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sisalphello, seems tryton self rotates its log file. I cannot find a parameter in conf file to block this. is that true ?10:41
yangoon sisalp true10:48
nicoesisalp: indeed, there is no config for this10:48
bechamelsisalp: unset "logfile" param in config and redirect the output with a >10:54
sisalpthank you for this confirmation. For me it is unconsistent to auto-rotate if the log file was specified at start command10:57
sisalpbechamel: thank you, i'll do so, but how do you unset logfile ?10:58
sisalpis there a default one created somewhere  in this case ?10:58
bechamelsisalp: good question10:59
bechamelsisalp: just remove it from the config file11:00
sisalpbechamel: this is easy11:01
bechamelsisalp: you are not the first to talk about it
sisalpbechamel: no default is created if not declared in cfg ?11:04
bechamelsisalp: I don't think11:05
sisalpsisalp: bechamel: a solution seems to be /dev/null :-(11:05
bechamelsisalp: the default config file comes with "#logfile = False"11:06
bechamelsisalp: stdout is good imo11:07
sisalpyangoon: nicoe: bechamel: thank you11:08
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jcmto override invoice.odt, should I use the snipets of xml shown here: in a custom xml in my own module, and add it to my ?18:12
cedkjcm: yes18:20
jcmthks. Can I replace header_a4.odt the same way ? or should I keep its name ?18:21
cedkjcm: I think you can create your own18:22
cedkjcm: but just for 1 report, it is not very useful18:22
jcmcedk: no, I want to change header and styles for all18:25
cedkjcm: then there is no simple way, you must override each report18:26
cedkjcm: that's why I proposed to remove style as finnaly it is not useful18:26
jcmok, I thought it was a future improvement... so it's better to set header in each report ?18:29
jcmin what cases does invoice.odt generate many invoices and not only one ?18:29
cedkjcm: normally never18:33
cedkjcm: there is a wizard that makes report engine run one by one18:33
jcmso the <for each="invoice in objects"> on top of invoice.odt is useless ?18:36
jcmit's not easy to use LibreOffice automatic page styles and headers for multipages docs with a multidoc generation18:37
cedkjcm: it is not useless because you get a list of 1 invoice18:40
cedkjcm: I don't know about automatic page styles18:40
jcmok, I'm still more familiar with pagesetting than with tryton's objects ;-)18:43
jcmcedk: surely ther is some sort of caching not described in : I cannot see the reports I designed18:53
cedkjcm: for already opened invoice, it is stored in the database18:54
jcmeven when invoice is still in draft state ?18:54
jcmstrange, I've learned not to store binary objects in db :/18:54
cedkjcm: then you did not correctly replace the report18:58
cedkjcm: then why is there a binary type of column? :-)18:59
jcmi suspect the line <field name="report">mymodule/invoice.odt</field>19:01
jcmis the prefix mymodule/ necessary ?19:01
cedkjcm: yes it must be the name of your module19:04
jcmso I have no more idea... I added 'reports.xml' in the xml section of mymodule/, and copied the docs snippets of xml in a reports.xml within <tryton><data> tags19:09
jcmis there a way to have the server output some more info? it doesn't complain19:09
cedkjcm: did you update the module?19:10
jcmfrom the db you mean ?19:12
jcmer, from the client ?19:12
jcmah, no I always forget this19:12
jcmfantastic, I can work with this template! I even see the rebate added on lines -:)19:13
cedkjcm: always run: trytond -d database -u module when changing XML files19:14

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