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jcmhi all11:01
jcmis there a recommended practice for the name field in addresses? should the party name be repeated in address or never? should it be the name of the main person contact?11:02
jcmwith a party who has both shipment and invoicing addresses, I get twice the party name on documents because I repeated the party name in one of theses address11:03
udonojcm: Hi, you can use the name field on party, when the (postal) addressee is different from the party name. E.g.:11:27
udonoACME inc.11:27
udonoMr. Dagobert Duck11:27
cedkudono: I think your example is badly choosen :-(11:29
udonocedk: ?11:29
cedkthe name of the address is for example:11:29
cedkthe building name or the block name etc.11:30
cedkusing person name is wrong because it makes think that the address is a contact which is not11:30
udonocedk: a contact in tryton is always a phone number, an email address, an url... how to mix it with a person name?11:32
cedkudono: it must be done by a futur CRM module11:34
cedkudono: that will link parties11:35
udonocedk: for linking parties I have this old blue print
cedkudono: it is not what I have in mind11:42
cedkudono: I think more like the The Data Model Resource Book11:44
udonocedk: this blue print is thought as an adaption of the low level party functionalities :-)11:48
udono... provided in the Data Model Resource Book11:54
udonocedk: nicoe: How to prepare the migration to GTK3 starting on Monday in a week? Do you have a link list or a draft plan?13:49
nicoeI think we will share a mq repository with the patches for the GI switch13:51
nicoeand fix bug as they appear13:51
cedkudono: I plan to maintain a mq repo with GI13:52
cedkudono: because GI is not yet available on Windows nor MacOS13:53
cedkudono: and also perhaps backport some part to main repo if it simplify the GI branch13:54
udonocedk: nicoe: ok, thanks for the point13:56
udonocedk: nicoe: so Tryton 2.4 will not have a windows client? (MacOS X client was last seen in 1.8)13:57
cedkudono: no it will in a mq repo13:58
udonocedk: ok, understand. So we prepare for the day when GI arrives in Windows and MacosX.14:00
cedkudono: yes, I think we will perhaps release a tryton-gi that works only on X1114:01
jcmrunning update in cli after changing a report, I get: WARNING:convert:Field style of not updated (id: report_invoice_new), because it has changed since the last update17:28
jcmwhat has changed? could I have changed from client without knowing?17:28
cedkjcm: it is perhaps because the XML definition was not accurate at one time17:35
jcmis it possible to reset the cached report by hand in the db?17:38
cedkjcm: must update the corresponding record17:39
jcmcedk: in fact seems not to be important, report is nethertheless updated in db, enough for my test18:08
jcmI tried with <field name="style"></field> in my xml, seems to change nothing18:08
jcmmy last problem is that the footpage of my new invoice template is not used18:09
jcmseems that the page style of my invoice template is ignored or not copied18:09
cedkjcm: is there a style define on the report action?18:10
jcmno, it's the only line with style in my own <record model="" id="report_invoice_new">18:14
jcmI tried with my own style file defined too, same behaviour18:14
cedkjcm: normally if style is empty in, the engine does nothing to the header18:16
jcmhow can I check that "style is empty in" ? select * from ir_model_data where model='' ? I see only standard reports here, not my custom18:21
cedkjcm: you can look in Administration/User Interface/Actions/Reports18:23
jcmright, there is a style here; I cannot reset it via the client; setting <field name="style">my_module/invoice.odt</field> doesn't work either18:36
cedkjcm: the simpler is to remove the corresponding record in and make a new update of the database18:38
jcmcedk: I wanted to ask you precisions about locations and stock relation with accounting19:18
jcmwhen I use 'deposit' I send products to a seller that will sell it later (or not)19:18
jcmperiodically I need to list those deposit places and invoice the sold items19:19
jcmshould I create a special location for this ? one per reseller or a global one ?19:19
cedkjcm: do you need to know the quantity per reseller?19:20
jcmI'd like tryton to keep the list of which and how many for each reseller19:20
cedkjcm: so you must create a location per reseller19:20
jcmok and is this location of Customer type ? or of storage type ?19:22
cedkjcm: I think it must be a storage because the product is still own by the company19:27
cedkjcm: and so it must be part of his stock valuation19:27
jcmcedk: I have another more complicated case: we also distribute some others' products and handle their stock19:28
jcmshould we have their products in the same location as ours ?19:29
jcmI don't want them to be in our accounting since we pay their products once we sold them19:29
jcmI don't own them, I take car of their stock and sell them19:29
cedkjcm: don't know perhaps a supplier location19:30
jcmit's suppliers's products19:30
jcmbut I will send some of these suppliers's products to reseller too, in deposit19:31
jcmso if deposit location is of storage type, their stock will be evaluated as ours :/19:31
cedkjcm: I don't know19:34
jcmcedk: the thing you probably know is: why do you say that storage type locations is owned by the company ? is there some link between accounting and storage ? I don't see it in stock/doc/index.rst19:37
cedkjcm: there is if you do stock accounting19:38
jcmwith accoutnt_stock_continental ?19:39
cedkjcm: yes19:39
jcmcedk: iiic, this module allows to evaluate stock value at anytime, istn't it ?19:42
jcmI could live without it and evaluate the stock by hand, and so I could use stock features without thinking to whom belongs each product ?19:43
cedkjcm: if you want19:44
cedkjcm: there is also the cost_price that could be wrongly computed19:44
cedkjcm: if it is set to average or FIFO19:45
jcmcedk: where does the cost_price be used ? curretly we use cost_price for products only in analytic19:48
cedkjcm: it is used for stock accounting most of the time19:53
jcmcedk: we work with fixed prices for all products we resell, so stock accounting is quite simple; handling deposit and inventories is our main goal19:56
jcmis there some fine grain in stcok description ? like pack / box / palet / truck...19:57
jcmI cannot use units beacause for each product I have a different number of unit in a box19:59
jcmand a different number of box on each pallet19:59
jcmwhat are view location type for ?20:21
jcmseems that only Warehaouse can have sublocations, not Storage?20:22
cedkjcm: view location are just location that can not have move on it20:38
cedkjcm: I don't see why you said storage can not have sublocations?20:38
jcmcedk: because when I create a new location, parent is grayed with 'warehouse' predefined21:30
cedkjcm: it is because you create it via the tree view23:04

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