IRC logs of #tryton for Tuesday, 2012-01-17 #tryton log beginning Tue Jan 17 00:00:01 CET 2012
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navishello, is it just me or is the google group dead for the moment ?10:34
navisI have tried to post using any means I know, and my post doesn't appear there10:35
navisgmane gives errors, mails are ignored, and even posted through the web interface, and still nothing10:35
cedknavis: post are moderated12:30
naviscedk: ah ok, that explains the delay13:04
naviscedk: thanks13:04
naviscedk: sorry, you'll probably receive multiple copies of the same mail13:06
naviscedk: is it possible to configure the group to send an acknowledgment when a mail is received ?13:07
naviscedk: that way I would have known13:07
cedknavis: don't know13:09

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