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sisalphello, testing python virtual environments : how to desactivate an environment and return to system one ?11:57
nicoesisalp: I don't understand your question11:58
marc0ssisalp: deactivate11:59
sisalpcd envir; source bin/activate; virtualenv desactivate;12:07
sisalpis that correct ?12:07
cedknicoe: /mark12:08
cedknicoe: oops12:08
marc0ssisalp: cd envir; source bin/activate ; ... work work work .... ; deactivate12:09
marc0ssisalp: deactivate is an alias (or a function, i don't remember what exactly) that's defined when you source bin/activate12:10
sisalpmarc0s: thank you it works well12:11
marc0ssisalp: welcome :)12:12
pjstevnshi all, where are the 'export' actions in the 2.2 client??12:20
sisalpwhat replaces default values in Tryton ?14:57
jcmhi, I don't find in the code where the default language for report translation is defined15:01
sisalpjcm: I think there is not such a thing15:01
jcmI have a server with fr_FR.utf8 locale, a company with fr defined as language, and the reports output in english...15:01
sisalpjcm: default is "no translation"15:02
jcmah, yes, probably ;-)15:02
jcmwould you agree that by default the translation language should be the company's one ?15:02
jcm"by default" meaning when there's no party implied or that the party's language is not defined15:03
nicoesisalp default values are found by calling a method on the object15:12
nicoesisalp: the name of the method must follow a pattern: "default_<name of the field>"15:13
cedkjcm: this is a patch to allow to define the default language15:13
cedkjcm: just waiting testing15:13
jcmcedk: very good !15:15
jcmcedk: only quesiotn about codereview testing: is it possible to test this on a 2.2 or should it be done on trunk with last trunk client ?15:16
cedkjcm: patch is based on trunk but perhaps it could apply on 2.215:17
sharooncedk: None to False ? in RPC ?16:16
cedksharoon: yeps16:17
cedksharoon: indeed it is already the case in many places16:17
sharooncedk: cool16:17
cedksharoon: indeed, I'm working on getting the save button activated when you start changing the first field16:19
cedksharoon: but for that, I need to get a clean comparison way16:19
cedksharoon: and now, we got a lot of None vs False comparison16:19
sharooncedk: got it16:19
cedksharoon: so I will change it to use everywhere None16:19
sharooncedk: i think that will be a nice change :)16:20
cedksharoon: I just had a look at your fleet_management16:22
cedksharoon: I see the fleet.asset16:22
sharooncedk: yes16:22
cedkand I'm thinking it is almost the same as the expense.type of
cedkI'm wondering if we should not have a generic asset module16:23
sharooncedk: +1 for a generic asset module16:23
sharoonthat would be a beginning for more asset management things like deprecation etc16:24
sharooncedk: i think its a very close match16:25
sharooncedk: wish i had paid more attention to the code review beforeā€¦. it is exactly what we need and we should really have extended on this functionality16:26
cedksharoon: perhaps it should be product16:26
sharooncedk: i think using product is too much of a generalisation16:27
sharooncedk: though we use it16:28
sharooncedk: u had a proposal to have these modules on code review on a repository, do you already have it ?16:28
cedksharoon: for me, the only issue to get asset as product is about the stock accounting16:30
sharooncedk: yes16:31
cedksharoon: the question is: would we want to see asset in Purchase/Sale/Invoice ?16:32
sharooncedk: why would we wan to use it that way ?16:34
cedksharoon: I don't know16:34
cedksharoon: sometimes you can sale some assets but it is not often16:34
sharooncedk: I think that will mess up accounting unless we override the selection of accounts for move creation16:35
sharooncedk: and what is unit in the expense.type ?16:37
sharooncedk: or what we propose as asset ?16:37
cedksharoon: when you buy stuffs, you get a quantity that need a unit16:38
sharooncedk: got it16:39
sharooncedk: saw your comment on the code review, are you proposing to have the asset in expense module or a new module with just asset definition16:40
cedksharoon: a new module with just asset16:41
cedksharoon: and later improved to have depreciation16:41
sharooncedk: nice and same specification as expense.type ?16:41
cedksharoon: almost16:42
cedksharoon: I think we will need a expense_account but also an income_account16:42
sharooncedk: and what about the asset value of the asset (a Fixed Asset/Current Asset Balance sheet account)16:44
cedksharoon: I think we need an asset.type and an asset16:46
cedksharoon: asset.type is like the expense.type define the accounting etc.16:46
cedksharoon: and asset is the instance of an asset.type16:46
cedksharoon: with a value etc.16:47
sharooncedk: ok16:49
cedksharoon: I'm just thinking on irc16:49
sharoonACTION thinking aloud on IRC16:50
sharooncedk: might help ?
sharooncedk: i think what we called asset.type is what SAP calls Asset Class. see
cedksharoon: twice the same link, I think you must give the link of the frame16:59
sharooncedk: oh sorry,
sharooncedk: hope that helps17:00
sharooncedk: looks like asset.type (or class) will need a sequence17:01
cedksharoon: no sure about sequence17:04
cedksharoon: but for sure, asset need to have a number/code17:04
sharooncedk: to assign automatic asset codes17:04
cedksharoon: indeed asset will be like serial number is to product17:04
sharooncedk: yes17:04
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