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sisalphello, question on pip : is there a possibility to update a package, or should I remove all and re-install ?13:52
marc0ssisalp: pip install --upgrade package13:53
sisalpmarc0s: thank you. man pip and pip --help don't show me this option. do I look at a wrong place13:55
floxsisalp: pip help install ?13:56
marc0ssisalp: $ pip install --help13:56
floxyou hv choice13:57
sisalpthank you I get all the help. is pip known to be special, or do I have to update myself first ?13:59
marc0sflox: didn't know the other way around :) nice13:59
marc0ssisalp: what do you mean?13:59
floxactually "pip --help" says you can use "pip help"14:00
floxthe "pip help" says you can use "pip help <command>"14:00
sisalpmarc0s: shell commands usually provide all info in the man page14:00
marc0sflox: a big RTFM to me then :)14:01
floxwell, actually I'm a little bit wrong :)14:01
floxI don't see the "pip help <command>" tip14:01
sisalp  -h, --help            Show help14:02
marc0ssisalp: it depends on who made the tool... if manpages are provided or not14:02
sisalpman page is there but doesn't give all details14:03
marc0ssisalp: ah ok, i don't have a manpage for my pip... dunno why :)14:04
sisalpok, I can just become a bit less stupid and adapt to new commands. python is not bash, I have to admit.14:05
sisalpand we get strong support from tryton community downthere ;-)14:06
sharooncedk: nicoe: did u have time to review the email module(s) ?15:54
cedksharoon: not now16:06
sharooncedk: do you have a minute to discuss the asset module ?16:43
oxcarI have a doubt, ┬┐Work search widget with functions fields?17:01
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