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sisalphi, got pip and environments working, but get an exception on unoconv14:56
sisalpit is listed in extra requirements of, but is not installable with pip iiuc14:57
sisalpis classical apt-get install the way to go ?14:57
sisalpin which case do we need it ?14:58
cedksisalp: indeed it is a simple script that can be just put in $PATH15:00
sisalpthank you, but it depends on several java packages15:02
sisalphow is used "    extras_require={" in ?15:03
cedksisalp: best is to see if your system doesn't package it15:03
sisalpyes, unoconv is ok on debian/ubuntu15:04
sisalpif we don't need a specific version it can be installed on the system15:05
sisalpI was thinking to automate the use of     extras_require={ but I won't15:06
sisalpI populate the environment with the content of install_requires=[ and it is enough15:07
cedksisalp: unoconv is used as an external program15:09
sisalpok, seems to be the only one, isn't it ?15:10
cedksisalp: I think15:11
cedksisalp: I highly suggest you to install also simplejson15:16
sisalpdo --version and --help require dependencies to be available ?15:17
sisalpI noticed that with openerp, so wondered if it is also the case with tryton15:18
sisalpIt is a small problem for me because, depending on the version, I activate the environment15:18
cedksisalp: don't know, but the information is in setup.py15:23
sisalpI like this about unoconv, it is simple enough for me ;-)15:23
sisalpI agree, but if I have 50 trytons of the same version, I use only one environment15:25
cedksisalp: I don't understand16:01
jcmsisalp: for your information, on debian I had to install the unoconv version 0.4-1 to get it work, and on squeeze I needed to add backports and testing16:08
sisalpI need the software version to activate the environment and start the service16:22
sisalpup to now I used --version option to get it16:22
jcmcedk: list_price is always 0.0 in all my account_invoice_line. So on my invoice I get rebate=0 on each line and cannot print it on the invoice... is it a known bug?16:24
cedksisalp: right way do get it when not installed: python -V16:25
sisalp jcm: version of squeeze is 0.3.6. Not enough ?16:26
cedkjcm: normally, it should be set when selecting a product16:27
jcmsisalp: tell me, I tried and read this info on version on some codereview comment. Cannot find out which one...16:28
jcmcedk: on sale it's perfect. But when the invoice is generated, the lines have all list_price set to 0...16:29
jcmcedk: only the unit_price is set, to the price with rebate included16:29
cedkjcm: do you have the latest sale_rebate version?16:31
sisalpcedk: super, thank you16:43
jcmcedk: you're right, I don't have the last version16:52
jcmwas not aware it changed since I got it16:52
cedkjcm: best way, is to set yourself as reviewer, you will receive notifications16:55
cedkjcm: but anyway, I think I will setup repositories on for those modules16:55
jcmcedk: sure, hg pull -u would be simpler than updating a script with uptodate codereview links16:56
jcmcedk: will you include rebate into trunk ? or build a single rebate module with all these codereviews ?16:57
cedkjcm: for rebate, I'm not yet sure16:59
cedkjcm: we did not receive a lot of comments about it17:00
jcmcedk: I updated all the custom modules, updated the db; now I get Rebate field set to 100,00 each time I change quantity in Sell Line view, though unit_price is correctly computed with the Rebate price list...19:09
cedkjcm: rebate doesn't depend on quantity19:20
cedkjcm: ok I think I fixed in the last Set19:41
jcmcedk: thanks, it works20:50
jcmcedk: for my information, what was wrong ? the values were not mixed into result ?20:51
cedkjcm: sometimes we need to use the value from the client and other times the value from the result of the on_change20:53
jcmcedk: how can I order the lines in sale so that the carrier line is the last one ? I cannot drag (feature of mac client :/) and cannot edit the sequences for lines ?21:09
cedkjcm: why can't you edit the sequence?21:12
jcmcedk: ah, thought it didn't work, but seems lines are reordered when going from Draft to Quotation21:17
cedkjcm: it is done after save21:21
jcmcedk: sry, there's another error in sale_rebate (app error) when validating move. Should I paste the trace into the codereview?21:24
cedkjcm: why not21:24
cedkjcm: should be fixed22:06
jcmcedk: thks23:23

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