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navishello, what is the best way to test a server from an hg working copy ?14:40
navisif I just run it, it clutters the copy with all the .pyc files14:41
navisis there a better way ?14:41
navisor couldn't an hgignore file be added to the repo ?14:42
bechamelnavis: create an hgignore file (
navisyep, saw that, but it becomes tracked itself, shouldn't it be added to the official repo ?14:43
navisanyway pyc files will never be included in the repo, same for *~ and any backup files14:46
bechamelnavis: add .hgignore in .hgignore14:46
navisbechamel: ok14:47
bechamelnavis: or better put the hgignore file in your home, and the problem is solved for all your repo14:47
navisbechamel: except if someday a repo ships a file which is matched in my personnal hgignore14:48
navisbechamel: having an "official" hgignore garantees that this will never be the case14:48
navisbechamel: a bad match (for whatever reason) would be considered a bug14:50
navisbechamel: and nobody has to reinvent the wheel everytime14:50
bechamelnavis: for you each python project must ship an .hgignore with a "*pyc" rule ?14:58
navisbechamel: this is really my very first contact with hg and python development15:00
navisbechamel: so I'm just trying to see how to do it efficiently15:00
navisbechamel: saw that it was possible to hgignore such files, but thought that I must have missed some important point :-)15:01
bechamelnavis: I like the idea of choosing myself which file to ignore, but it's a matter of taste15:02
navisbechamel: no probleme with me, I just hope that hg will complain if I pull an ignored file15:03
navisbechamel: still, in this case the probability is quite weak :-)15:04
bechamelnavis: this is also why it's better to put it in your home15:15
navishello again16:36
navishow can I replace a button in an xml file depending on a condition ?16:36
cedknavis: you can not16:40
cedknavis: you can update the attributes but it is not recomanded16:56
cedknavis: but there is a goal to put button definition in Model instead view16:58
naviscedk: ok, for now I found a way to not need it17:10
navishow can I modify the definition of a field in a form ?17:30
cedknavis: you can not17:30
cedknavis: or I don't understand17:30
naviscedk: I'm trying to tackle issue237517:31
naviscedk: for that I must change how the journal are retrieved in the payment wizzard17:32
naviscedk: I have to add a condition (not statement managed)17:32
naviscedk: I know how to do that condition (17:32
naviscedk: (works fine if I directly modify in the account_invoice module)17:33
naviscedk: but I must do that modification in the account_statement module17:34
naviscedk: I have tried to find a similar modification in another module, to see how it is done, but havent found one17:36
cedknavis: what do you mean by "retrieved"17:37
naviscedk: when you are in the payment wizzard, you have to choose the journal17:38
naviscedk: in that selection box, only cash journals are retrieved by tryton17:38
naviscedk: I must modify that logic and add a new condition17:38
naviscedk: I must modify the domain[..... part17:39
cedknavis: there is a lot of example about changing the domain of a field17:39
cedknavis: domain or any attributes17:40
naviscedk: ... will look some more17:41
naviscedk: thanks, will have a look at that tonight, right now I have to go17:49
navishello, could someone check and tell me what I'm doing wrong ?23:28
navistrying to add a condition to a domain for a field23:29
navismodeled after23:29
navismodeled after what I see in company/party.py23:30
navisthe domain modification is right, at least it works if I modify it that way directly in account_invoice23:30
udononavis: hi, maybe this works: self.journal.domain += [('statement_managed', '!=', 'True')]23:37
cedknavis: you should try to call self._reset_columns()23:40
navisudono, cedk: tried both, didn't work23:43
navisI have one cash journal with statement_managed = true, and another at false23:46
navis`arg, connection droped23:51
navis`so, I have one cash journal with statement_managed = true, and another at false23:52
navis`but both always show23:52
navis`except if I modify the domain in account_invoice23:52
udononavis: did you close the view and reopen from menu?23:58
navisudono: even restarted server and client23:58
navisudono: and tried a desperate attempt to upgrade account_statement where my modifications are made, just in case :-)23:59

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