IRC logs of #tryton for Friday, 2012-01-27 #tryton log beginning Fri Jan 27 00:00:01 CET 2012
wahzenTrying to install Tryton modules with hgnested00:57
wahzenhg nclone
wahzenI get error: "abort:  '' does not appear to be an hg repository00:58
cedkwahzen: you must nclonde trytond01:06
PanderOff topic but sort of related:
navishi, as you might have guessed, I'm new to codereview and roundup14:59
navisdo I have to do anything to signal that my contributions are awaiting review ?14:59
navis(putting status, publishing in codereview,...)14:59
cedknavis: did you activate send_mail option when uploading review?15:03
naviscedk: don't think so15:04
cedknavis: then nobody is aware of15:04
naviscedk: lol ok :-)15:04
naviscedk: how do I do now, the «publish + mail comment» on the web interface ?15:05
naviscedk: I followed
cedknavis: you used ?15:08
naviscedk: no, hg review -m "message"15:09
cedknavis: this part is not fully correct, I will correct it15:09
naviscedk: and
cedknavis: updated15:16
naviscedk: ok, noted... how do I proceed now for the existing review ?15:18
pokolicedk, ping16:42
cedkpokoli: pong16:48
pokolicedk, in this time i've sent you an email16:51
pokolii wish you can answer it ;)16:51
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sharooncedk: ping23:27
cedksharoon: pong23:28
sharooncedk: there seems to be a bug in the shipment.out model when the state changes from packed => done and there are two lines with same product23:29
sharooncedk: are you aware of any similar bug ?23:29
cedksharoon: no23:29
sharooncedk: it is very easy to replicate23:29
sharooncedk: create a shipment.out with two lines of 1 unit each and same product23:30
sharooncedk: change state to waiting, then delete 1 of the inventory moves23:30
sharooncedk: then assign (or force assign) and the result will be23:30
sharooncedk: 3 moves, 1 inventory and 2 outgoing moves23:31
sharooncedk: the inventory move is correct (1 unit from Storage => Output)23:31
sharooncedk: but the two outgoing moves wil have zero quantity23:31
cedksharoon: fill a bug23:32
sharooncedk: i was thinking of writing a test case for the same, shall i put it into stock test suite ?23:33
cedksharoon: yes23:39
sharooncedk: ok, i will submit ticket with test case and if possible a patch23:39
cedksharoon: first open the bug23:42
sharooncedk: ok23:42
cedksharoon: always open bugs, it is our knowledge database23:44
sharooncedk: sure, writing right now23:44

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