IRC logs of #tryton for Saturday, 2012-01-28 #tryton log beginning Sat Jan 28 00:00:01 CET 2012
2012-01-28 13:03 <navis> cedk: hi, would you consider including a module with the functionnality that we discussed yesterday with grasbauer ?
2012-01-28 13:04 <navis> cedk: the discussion was about tax included computations for retail sellers
2012-01-28 13:08 <navis> cedk: this would be a first step towards a full pos system (which needs tax included computations)
2012-01-28 13:08 <navis> cedk: I consider it separate of a pos since you can have to sell "tax included" out of a pos environment (retail websites,...)
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2012-01-28 15:26 <navis> cedk: ping ?
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