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caravelHello there.18:49
caravel« E-commerce: Native and Integration with Magento » Source :
caravelFrom everyting I've read on the topic (I think I've read everything Google indexed on this !) that should refer to OpenLabs's work here
caravel(and yes I've read the very pertinent thread on tryton-dev too)18:54
cedkcaravel: I don't know18:54
cedkcaravel: there is no standard module linked to magento18:55
caravelHi cedk ! I've watched your 2011 videos too by the way.18:55
nicoecaravel: you should ask to sharoon (but he's not here)18:55
caravelcedk: precisely, to my understanding this is rather custom, undocumented and maybe uncomplete integration18:56
cedkcaravel: yes, I know Openlabs has a framework for e-commerce based on trytond18:56
cedkcaravel: I don't know, you must ask to the author18:56
caravelcedk: Sure. One good feeling I have about tryton, ever since I look into it and its ecosystem, would be some "no bullshit" policy ^^ The bold statement I pointed on wp, might not comply too well with it :)18:59
cedkcaravel: hey, it is wikipedia so anyone can write and it is not always accurate ;-)19:01
caravelcedk: So can you :) Since you have a recognized, uncontestable expertise on tryton :D Sir, keeping such wp accurate would be at your greatest honor ^^19:05
caravelAnyway I'd be even more interested in trying hard the proteus/nereid route. Could you kindly point me to any known implementations of e-commerce directly built around tryton components ?19:05
caravel(yes I understand : for nereid, ask Openlabs too -- but I failed to find anything online, besides Openlabs page of course)19:06
cedkcaravel: done19:07
caravel:) your reputation is not a myth, I can see :)19:07
cedkcaravel: I'm not aware of opensource implementation19:07
caravelEven closed source, I'd be interested to browse any ecommerce website that's known to be built in such a way, just like any web user/potential customer19:08
caravelSo I can have some strong conviction the goal is achievable, beyond theory19:09
cedkcaravel: ok I must have link, I search19:09
caravelthank you so much, I'm not willing to waste your time19:09
caravelMaybe some list of "examples" (links with a tiny comment about each) would be great on tryton.org19:10
caravelthat might motivate more troops...19:10
caraveland make tryton partners shine a little, too19:11
cedkcaravel: we are working on collecting succes stories19:11
caravelcedk: thank you, looking at it19:33
caravelcedk: (besides, your change was a little too strong I feel, so I added to it
cedkACTION bbl19:37
jerojasrohi all. what's the purpose of the Period model, in the stock module? (tryton 2.2)20:07
jerojasrocedk: thanks :D20:59
cedkjerojasro: there is an issue open to improve the module documentation21:00
cedkjerojasro: fill free to contribute :-)21:00
jerojasrohint taken21:06

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