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caravelHi again (if anyone's still around ?), readng this and following link returns a 40400:14
caravelsorry http://tryton.debian-maintainers.org00:14
caravelACTION will report to #debian of course, any tip welcome00:15
yangooncaravel: links on updated, website is currently in process of rebuilding10:56
caravelyangoon: thank you! I knew there would be what I wanted, in that page11:22
sisalpcaravel: you may also be interested in testing this alternate way to get a tryton server ready :
caravelthanks sisalp, if I plan to understand it I'd better stick to the roots thou. Yet the packaged method are kinda cheat :)15:19
caravelI had a question thou, I think I had read a document about limitations if using the sqlite backend (which I consider for one of the hosts i.e. laptop), can't seem to find it now ?15:20
caraveland is that for exclusive use of trytond by neso i.e. stricly mono-user ?15:22
bechamelcaravel: you can choose sqlite with a non-neso install15:28
bechamelcaravel: and the biggest limitation is the performances, so it fits well for single-user usage15:28
caravelbechamel: ok thanks, and perf is none of a concern on that host (that'd be dev/test and eventually an "on-the-go server" for 2 clients, too ^^). I was pretty sure there were functional limitations thou, I guess I am confusing (had read quite a while ago)15:43
bechamelcaravel: there are some limitation with sqlite but the tryton orm overcome them15:45
bechamelcaravel: btw there are less tricks with sqlite than with mysql15:48
caravelbechamel: so getting trytond to use postgres (or even make use of an existing mysql) on that host, would be a pure waste of resources I assume15:49
caravelACTION won't forsee to even start getting into db tuning for a good while, to be perfectly clear :D15:50
sisalpcaravel: you need to understand roots indeed, but then you realize you need a lot more for real life.15:51
bechamelcaravel: as long as you don't plan to put more users on it in the future, sqlite is perfect15:52
sisalpcaravel: and I don't remember which ones, but recently was told "this is not available with sqlite"15:52
caravelhow sarcastic is that sisalp ? :) yes bechamel, I got that right looong time ago!15:53
sisalpcaravel: ? what is sarcastic ?15:54
caravelsisalp: I wondered (not native English as anyone could tell). I said I wanted to remain close the install roots earlier, so it was some echo :)15:55
sisalpSQLite can not alter column definitions nor create foreign keys. What are implications ?15:57
sisalpcaravel: yes it was. You must understand how the product works, but then long term admin is not documented by install procedure15:58
caravelACTION had guessed that too ;D15:59
sisalpcaravel: you need to save databases, handle upgrades, watch for troubles etc..., all this is proposed by the alternative way.16:00
caravelbetween, I'm typically a db publisher, which means long working with db guys on interface to print millions of their data, without ever maintaining any proper db16:00
caravelsisalp: oh, I had misunderstood that, I'll look again (but wonder how could that be "handled", still). Let me read, enough pointers thanks a lot all16:01
caravelokay, went quickly through install_xoe and xoe scripts (well, some of, it's pretty large ^^)16:29
caravelFar from being a db wizzz, is that pretty sure I'd hit the wall soon or later (and much faster), unless using such script for setup & daily run ?16:31
bechamelcaravel: what do you mean by hit the wall ?16:38
caravelbechamel: crash, burn data, disk, server and the whole building with it :)16:46
sisalpcaravel: I think you can manage tryton without any script16:46
sisalppostgresql is a database you never hear about16:46
sisalpif you are a well organized sys admin, you can handle the task manually. I'not of this kind, so xoe is a tool to organize and standardize my work.16:50
sisalpWith openerp, I had to, tryton is much easier to work with16:50
caravelACTION needs to look much more into this, hadn't even realized latest tryton version differ between distro16:51
caravelbtw, fedora dev machine here, debian server(s)16:51
sisalpcaravel: using packages is convenient, but not if you need to adapt tryton. and you may want to prevent auto-update of the packages.16:54
caravelsisalp: I never auto-update, yum and aliases are my best friends16:54
sisalpcaravel: never user apt-get upgrade on debian ?16:55
caravelsisalp: hey, you're teasing me now16:56
sisalpcaravel: not teasing. if flag is per default, apt-get upgrade performs auto-update of tryton software, which may not be what you want.16:57
caravelok ok - two or 3 years ago (I think ?) I had started to look into OpenERP then Tryton, don't remember reading about the big xoe of yours, I guess I failed to search16:57
caravelthanks, it surely will help me one way or another (running it or not cf platform and/or install mode I choose)16:58
caravelACTION will stoping taking space, thanks again for all guidance16:59
sisalpcaravel: I don't advertise xoe, and don't aim to spread it widely16:59
sisalpit is only one way to get things sorted17:00
caraveland it looks like it's been quite some effort to write it17:01
sisalpcaravel: yes but since 5 years I host hundreds of servers ;-)17:05
caravelNow it makes sense, all of a sudden ^^17:06
ciupicrisharkcz, have you received my email about the missing dependency in trytond 2.2?17:19
ciupicriI was also thinking of upgrading the SysV service script to systemd17:20
sharkczciupicri: not sure, I'm not at my workstation, so it may lay in the unproceessed mail queue17:21
sharkczthe switch to systemd unit is planned for f1717:22
ciupicriI see, although I haven't noticed a .service file in the git repository for F1717:24
sharkczit's not commited yet17:25
ciupicriI see17:25
sharkczthe problem is that there must be per dbserver units to use the advatage of service dependencies (trytond-pgsql will start after pgsql is started, etc)17:26
sharkczand one also wants a generic "trytond" service, but I've solved similar problem in zabbix, so it's doable17:27
caravelnight all, thanks again19:14
ciupicriis there a way to change the category of a product?22:29
ciupicriit seems that after adding a product and specifying its category I can not change it22:29
ciupicrihow does the search work? Can I search only for a fragment of a field?22:50
jerojasrociupicri: you *can* change a product category...23:30
jerojasrothe thing is, you must clear the field first23:31
jerojasrociupicri: or is the "category" field disabled?23:32
ciupicrijerojasro, let me try23:33
ciupicrijerojasro, yes, you're right, thanks23:36
ciupicriby the way, is there a way to configure the same accounts (revenue, expense) for all products? Use something like inheritance.23:39
ciupicriI noticed that the products can inherit from a category, but a category doesn't seem to be able to do the same from its parent (category).23:40

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