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sisalphello, did some of you use lo,g sale orders, invoices, picking lists ? I mean 250 order lines ?15:19
sisalphow is tryton performance impacted in this case ?15:20
cedksisalp: I don't think it will be very good15:28
cedksisalp: I think if you have such case, it will be better to remove the one2many lines of sale and use a relate form15:29
sisalpopenerp collapses. The dashboard blocks the web interface because of timeout.15:29
sisalpwhat would be the process with relate form ?15:30
cedksisalp: I don't think Tryton will collapse but it will be slow to work on the sale15:30
cedksisalp: create the sale order without any lines -> click on relate button -> it opens a new tab for sale lines linked to the sale order -> encode the lines -> when done, go back to sale order and validate it15:31
cedksisalp: inside a tab, we can manage thousands of lines in Tryton15:32
cedksisalp: hope it will be enough :-)15:33
sisalpwill it need to build a new format for documents ?15:34
cedksisalp: what do you name documents?15:36
sisalpproposal to send to the customer, order, piking lists and invoices15:37
cedksisalp: they will be long but I don't see how they can not be15:38
cedksisalp: by the way, what kind of business have such sale order?15:38
sisalpmy question was about the relate form. Will documents auto adapt to this alternative way ?15:39
sisalpprobably a stupid question15:39
cedksisalp: yes, because it will not change the internal Model of the object15:41
cedksisalp: it is just a workarround for the client15:42
cedksisalp: indeed the issue will be that on current sale order, when you change a line, there is a call to the server with all the lines values to update the total15:42
sisalpthe first point this user was ranting about is the sequence number of the lines. Tryton is far better with drag and drop lines to auto-adapt sequences :-)15:45
sisalphe did not compalain about the slowness of the order itself, but the web interface just becomes destabilized by time outs.15:47
cedksisalp: strange because it is a feature that was copy/paste by OE15:47
sisalphae also has a problem with serial numbers because it requires several syeps at picking and with so many lines, it is quite impossible15:48
sisalptthe oe dashboard is showed first in web interface and it takes more than two minutes to be set, so it never appears afer 2mn hold15:49
sisalpyou mean drag and drop ?15:50
cedksisalp: yes15:51
cedkalso this could become an issue15:52
sisalpI checked frag and drop also works on openerp-web. I didn't know this. The user does know either ;-)15:56
gltrippouh - my tryton client is dead when im trying finish an invoice16:01
sisalpgltripp: what's there in the logs ?16:03
gltrippthats the ting: there is no communication to the server16:05
gltrippis seems like the client is in a dead-lock16:05
gltrippthe client just.. hangs16:07
cedkgltripp: which version?16:08
cedkgltripp: can you print the draft invoice report?16:09
gltripplast output of strace is "recvfrom(12,16:09
gltrippthats all16:09
gltrippserver is idle16:10
cedkgltripp: what about the report?16:13
gltrippwhich report ?16:13
cedkgltripp: the invoice report16:13
cedkgltripp: before opening the invoice, you can retreive the report16:14
gltrippit worked16:15
gltripplast 15 minutes - it hang on this16:15
cedkgltripp: network issue?16:16
gltrippdon't think so - my network runs fast enough. even on ipv616:17
gltrippi can specify the argument ${to} in the mail actions16:39
gltrippbut it seams not to work. the attachment arguments works instead16:40
cedkgltripp: how did you define it in the action?16:41
gltrippthunderbird -compose "to='${to}',subject='Rechnung',attachment='${attachment}'"16:43
gltrippsubject and attachment works16:43
cedkgltripp: ok, but you must define for each report what is the field of the record that contains the to16:45
gltrippwhere ?16:45
cedkgltripp: on the report action16:48
gltrippi'm confused16:50
gltrippi only understand half of the options in the settings...16:50
gltrippwhere can i find this setting ?16:56
cedkgltripp: in Administartion>User Interface>Actions>Reports17:01
gltrippthere is an "E-Mail" field17:01
gltrippno tooltip, drop down or any other clue17:02
cedkgltripp: there is a tooltop17:05
gltrippnot on this field, for me17:07
cedkgltripp: yeps, the help was added after 2.2 release17:08
gltrippokay, but i'm not upgrading yet :-)17:09
gltrippwhat says the tooltip ?17:09
gltrippi cant define a models field?17:13
gltrippwhen somebody wants to send an invoice to a customer, it should be the customers mail, right?17:13
cedkgltripp: you can use a PYSON expression17:14
gltrippoh no..17:14
gltrippdefining what should be the "to" becomes a mess..17:15
cedkgltripp: I don't see how it could be different18:07

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