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cedkcaravel: I got an other e-commerce website that also run with Tryton as backend14:55
cedkcaravel: this one is hosted in Europe so faster to browse if you are in europe14:57
caravelthanks cedk. I'm not a web guru but the generated html code is, I feel, exceptionally clean for an e-commerce front end :) Was to be expected I guess15:30
caraveldo you know what approach they took (this and outletdireto) ? directly py/proteus or some other way ?15:31
cedkcaravel: I think they both use imported trytond15:32
cedkcaravel: but also use specialized cache like memcache etc. for common queries15:33
cedkcaravel: but at least for the orders are directly created in Tryton15:33
caravelcedk: ok, thanks again. I don't want you to loose precious time because of me. FYI I've got massive things to learn and experiment before I can get anywhere, and maybe be any useful to you guys.15:35
caravelcedk: thanks for your pointer cf. sqlite yesterday, I'm not sure to understand the implications, is there a thread I could read about this ?15:36
cedkcaravel: the implication is that it is possible that some series migration will require manual intervention15:38
caravelcedk: ok, that I had understood I think, exporting/re-importing into another instance running another backend would be an option then ?15:40
cedkcaravel: difficult15:45
caravelACTION bbl, cold, moving to sunnier place15:46
caravelok, so you'd recommend running a postgres locally than use sqlite, even if heavier, on any host ?16:17
bechamelcaravel: i would not call postgresql "heavier" :)16:18
caravelbechamel: ok, I've read what I needed to read I guess, I get the point I think, thanks16:40
caravelACTION will not use sqlite backend16:40
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cjbarnes18hi all,  I am trying to write a generic csv import function using proteus.  Other than inspecting the _fields property of a model, I cant see a natural way to discover the type of of each column.  Is there another way to do this that I am missing?23:49

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