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cceGood morning.14:44
ccemeanmicio: what makes you so mean?14:44
cedkcce: about what?14:47
cceACTION is just having fun.  Sorry ;)14:50
ccecedk: good morning.14:50
caravelhello gents15:20
caravelquick one I guess, cf. cedk you were pointing one-way syncs only. What about stock update from tryton to POS ?15:21
caravelSay, given a web+physical shop, would be great if one POS could permit to complete/operate sales which started on ...another POS, or even online (payment at recollection). Just a thought ^^15:30
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cedkcaravel: one way sync is the only way to work if we don't want conflict16:28
caravelcedk: thanks for your answer -- well, the world is as centralized as we build it :) conflicts management is part of the reasons why protocols like syncml were born. Anyway, I'm not here to troll and I don't have much to bring, sorry16:54
cedkcaravel: ERP world is just about centralized16:55
caravelcedk: :)16:57
cedkcaravel: not sure it applies to Tryton because of the modularity17:00
caravelcedk: ok, that's another thing17:01
caravelcedk: (see also for instance )17:01
caraveland a paper that took my attention some time ago (just found it again)
cedkcaravel: it looks like the debat about monolithic vs micro kernel17:15
cedkcaravel: at the end there is only monolithic kernels that really run17:15
caravelcedk: I've read quite a few things about very large ERP like SAP and distributed archs, but anyway, I think I'm just wasting time and space -- may I beg your pardon again :)17:18
caravel( I read too many papers and reports to agree that "ERP world is just about centralized", but I honestly don't have any of the expertise to disagree either :D good evening )17:22

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