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TelesightI have understood that translation of Tryton is done in Tryton itself or in a offline editor like Poedit.13:54
TelesightA online editor like in Transifex can not be used because of issues with the translation files.13:54
TelesightAnybody experience with the translation proces in Tryton?13:55
okkoalbertca: Hi Albert, this is Okko from Holland. I am wondering if you did any development on the Lot management?14:18
cedkTelesight: indeed, it will be very simple to fix Transifex14:19
Telesightcedk: I have little bit experience with Transifex now, I translated 36% of GNU Health in a relative short time yesterday. The ease of use of Transifex contributed a lot to this.14:22
Telesightcedk: So in general one has 3 options to translate Tryton: in Tryton self, in offline Poeditor and in online Transifex (if Transifex gives no issues)?15:46
nicoeTelesight: you can use transiflex for the dutch po file if you want in fact, in fact each translation team should choose the way it prefer to work16:05
Telesightnicoe: Well if it was my choice, I would prefer Transifex, because of the ease of use and the online availability of your translations ...17:00
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nicoeTelesight: you can use it as long as you clean the resulting file ...17:12
Telesightnicoe: How then do you manage offline  translation files;  how do you "lock" them so not two persons do work at the same time on the same file?17:34
nicoeThat's up to the translators to find a way to collaborate17:35
nicoeFor the french translation we use vim and codereviews ;)17:36
Telesightnicoe: Ok, that is why I was interested in the translation process ...17:36
nicoeBut the dutch team could choose to use always transiflex and when the translation is ready there one of you could send the patch17:37
Telesightnicoe: I am afraid we have to form first a Dutch team ;-) in soccer we are good at that ...17:38
nicoeBetter than us indeed but in the end it's always the germans who wins the cup you know ... ;)17:51
Telesightnicoe: well, in the translation we will leave them way behind ...17:56
Telesightnicoe: Tryton is not active on Transifex yet, I see ...18:00
maat_is there a ecommerce solution fot tryton?18:45
meanmicioTelesight : The tryton project is already at Transifex19:08

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