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cjbarnes18hope someone can help with this, is it possible to evaluate a function within a domain declaration?00:16
cedkcjbarnes18: no you just have PYSON00:20
cjbarnes18cedk: So no using functions in Eval(), ok, thanks.00:24
cedkcjbarnes18: the goal behind PYSON is to work with any language00:25
cjbarnes18I want to limit the domain based on stored records, could you suggest a way to do this?00:26
cjbarnes18was thinking PYSON Not(In()) but how to generate the list?00:27
cedkcjbarnes18: not sure to understand00:27
cjbarnes18I am working on a timetable model, the timetabe uses periods, only one of each period per day.00:29
cjbarnes18when creating the records for each day I only want to have available the periods not allready used. creating the00:30
cedkcjbarnes18: how do you know a period is used?00:31
cjbarnes18a register record links to the timetable.00:31
cjbarnes18so when creating a new register record can be created later so time based limitation is not useful.00:33
cedkcjbarnes18: looks like the relation should be the other way00:33
cjbarnes18cedk: sorry my client is misbehaving...00:34
cjbarnes18the resgister is the daily log.  it is a register if timetable compliance.  the register is many to one with the timetable.00:36
cjbarnes18* register of00:37
cedkcjbarnes18: so I don't understand00:40
cjbarnes18so when I create a new register record I only want to show timetable records not created foe the given day.00:41
cedkcjbarnes18: do you have the day on the timetable?00:43
cjbarnes18I have the day of the week and that part of the domain is allready working.00:44
cjbarnes18but no date value in the timetable00:44
cjbarnes18only in the register.00:45
cjbarnes18here is the sql version of what I want to do -> select name from timetable where not in (select timetable_id from register where date = today())00:48
cjbarnes18I want to use this logic in the domain00:49
cedkcjbarnes18: don't think it is possible00:50
cjbarnes18cedk: thank you very much for your time.  youve saved me loads.00:51
cedkcjbarnes18: but why not make the link the other way00:58
cjbarnes18cedk: do you mean open the timetable record and grate register from there?01:00
cedkcjbarnes18: I mean store register id on timetable01:02
cjbarnes18cedk: I dont see how this solves the problem.01:06
cedkcjbarnes18: you can make != today()01:08
cjbarnes18cedk: sorry, stil not getting it.  as far as I can tell this could only work if I have 1 timetable record for each potential register record.01:18
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cjbarnes18cedk: dont worry, I will leave it with SQL constraints.  Thank you again for your time.01:26
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albertcacedk: I don't get what your solution is with respect to
albertcacedk: If we cannot write NULLs with integer fields and we actually write a zero, how do you intend to fix it?12:08
cedkalbertca: soon it will be possible to have null12:47
albertcacedk: ok. so I wait for the patch to be commited?12:49
cedkalbertca: no12:49
cedkalbertca: it is just the check will not work12:49
albertcacedk: But if I only allow day to be between 1 and 31 and there's no way the user can store NULL he will be forced to use at least payment day 1.12:51
cedkalbertca: there will be12:53
albertcacedk: ok13:02
ccecdek: I'm not sure why you'd use HgNested over Subrepositories18:00
ccecedk: ^18:00
cceACTION wonders if there is a way to hg clone tryton and all modules?18:03
albertcacce: hg nclone
ccenclone is added by hgnested?18:06
ccealbertca: cool, thank you18:08
ccealbertca: you use bitbucket for your fork?18:11
cce(looks historical)18:11
cedkcce: subrepositories don't match our needs18:22
cceRight, that was obvious... I just don't know why.18:22
ccecedk: listing to your videos, thank you for making them.18:22
cedkcce: because subrepositories ensure you have all of them and we want the freedom to select modules18:24
cceACTION nods.18:24
cceACTION wonders how to "install" the trytond tables in a PostgreSQL databaase18:26
cceand install test data ;)18:26
cceThe 'install.rst' file doesn't provide any direction in this regard.18:26
cedkcce: first there is no test data18:27
cceah, great, ty18:28
ccecdek: do you have a regression test database dump?18:33
cceer, cedk18:33
cceACTION apologizes.18:33
cceACTION was just looking to explore.18:33
cedkcce: we have tests18:34
cceACTION nods.18:42
cceACTION was just hoping to find a database /w sample data.18:43
ccecedk: thank you for your help today18:44

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