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dhruvbaldawahey, are any of the devs available right now ?17:50
dhruvbaldawai have been building these Specialized Syntax to SQL Translator project since last year or so17:52
dhruvbaldawawhich is similar to the python-sql project17:52
dhruvbaldawaso I wanted to discuss regarding it as a GSoC project17:52
dhruvbaldawaA link to the page:
cedkdhruvbaldawa: hi17:54
dhruvbaldawacedk: hi !17:54
cedkdhruvbaldawa: do you take a look at python-sql17:57
dhruvbaldawacedk: yeah, i did17:57
dhruvbaldawai have a similar implementation used in my project17:57
dhruvbaldawalike i have a object oriented inteface which my parser uses for generating SQL queries17:58
dhruvbaldawaORM to be more general17:58
cedkdhruvbaldawa: we don't want ORM17:58
cedkdhruvbaldawa: it is just a pythonic way to write SQL queries17:59
dhruvbaldawacedk: i know, i saw your implementation of python-sql17:59
cedkdhruvbaldawa: we don't want to hide SQL17:59
cedkdhruvbaldawa: so the goal of the gsoc proposal is to complete the current implementation and start to use it in trytond18:00
dhruvbaldawaok, i have been working on a similar thing as a submodule, its not a fully-functional ORM, but something that implements similar functionality18:00
dhruvbaldawajust as you said, a pythonic way to generate SQL queries18:00
dhruvbaldawacedk: are you familiar with PHP ? i can show you the most basic implementation of what i was doing to initially build this project18:01
dhruvbaldawabut then i shifted to Python18:01
dhruvbaldawacedk: its very similar to python-sql, but had limited functionalities18:02
cedkdhruvbaldawa: ok you can show18:04
dhruvbaldawajust see the Query_Builder class18:05
cedkdhruvbaldawa: ok I see18:06
cedkdhruvbaldawa: with python-sql, we want to cover all the standard SQL18:06
dhruvbaldawacedk: yeah, ok18:07
cedkdhruvbaldawa: and after that, having some flavor when generating the string for specific database18:07
dhruvbaldawacedk: so, thats what i wanted to ask, what are things are required/expected ?18:07
dhruvbaldawacedk: yeah, thats of importance, so there will be a layer of abstractions to the database18:08
cedkdhruvbaldawa: not a layer, python-sql must be database independent18:09
cedkdhruvbaldawa: it is just went generating string that some parts could be generate differently18:09
dhruvbaldawacedk: yes, i am talking about inside python-sql, you will require an abstraction, so that you generate specific to that particular database18:10
dhruvbaldawacedk: by database i refer to say sqlite, mysql, postgresql, etc.18:11
dhruvbaldawaaah, ok18:14
dhruvbaldawai was thinking something different18:14
dhruvbaldawacedk: so what are the expectations of this project ?18:17
cedkdhruvbaldawa: a full implementation with flavors for PostgreSQL, SQLite and MySQL18:20
cedkdhruvbaldawa: and include it in trytond18:20
dhruvbaldawacedk: ok, sounds pretty good :-)18:20
dhruvbaldawathe mailing list ?18:21
dhruvbaldawawhat is trytond ?18:21
cedkdhruvbaldawa: trytond is the server18:22
dhruvbaldawacedk: ok, so do you want me to drop a mail to the mailing list regarding the discussion we just had ? and the project18:24
cedkdhruvbaldawa: is it you who already send on the mailing list?18:24
dhruvbaldawacedk: no, thats not me :-)18:25
cedkdhruvbaldawa: so yes why not. It is good to present you to the community18:26
dhruvbaldawacedk: :-)18:26
udonoHi, I read a small misunderstanding here: "(2012-03-18 18:19:46) cedk: dhruvbaldawa: and include it in trytond"  cedk, may you please point some link to trytond code which should include python-sql18:30
cedkudono: every where there is SQL18:30
udonodhruvbaldawa: hi, just to make clear, "trytond" means the code under , not the mailing list...18:33
dhruvbaldawaudono: thanks :-)18:35
dhruvbaldawaudono: cedk: where can i find some sample SQL code used in trytond ? i tried looking in the models and backend folders, but they contain query generation and some database abstraction code18:38
udonodhruvbaldawa: maybe here:
dhruvbaldawaoh ok, so i need to replace that with python-sql ? is it ?18:40
cedkdhruvbaldawa: yes it is the bigest place18:41
dhruvbaldawacedk: biggest ? so there are other places also ?18:43
dhruvbaldawacedk: just asking :-)18:44
cedkdhruvbaldawa: yes possible, we don't have a map :-)18:44
dhruvbaldawai will just introduce myself with the community and drop a mail in tryton-dev18:46
udonodhruvbaldawa: +118:47

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