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cedkalbertca: could you provide the patch for issue 252310:35
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cedkdfamorato: hi, you should come on the next TUL to taste the Belgian beers :-)16:10
dfamoratocedk: I will probably do it :016:11
dfamoratocedk: 2 questions... 1-) I want to try translate to pt_BR for 2.416:11
dfamoratocedk: Did someone propose to work on GSOC Complete demo script ?16:12
dfamoratocedk: Regarding translations, they are a .po file right ?16:13
cedkdfamorato: translation: yes po file16:15
cedkdfamorato: for GSOC, nobody talked yet about demo script16:15
dfamoratocedk: Thanks.. had just found that page... I will see how much can i translate. When is translation freeze ?16:16
cedkdfamorato: now16:16
dfamoratocedk: Today ? I saw release is set for April 24th16:16
cedkdfamorato: yes today, there is no more change in the strings16:17
dfamoratocedk: I assume for " Demo Script" I should follow your lead and continue to use Proteus for setting up everything, right?16:17
cedkdfamorato: yes16:18
cedkdfamorato: do you plan to apply for GSOC?16:18
dfamoratocedk: Yep, been wanting to do it. I guess I will apply for the Demo Script idea then. Think is OK ?16:19
cedkdfamorato: yes of course but you can apply for many ideas16:20
cedkdfamorato: also to wait too much because close to the ending period the application is more dificult16:20
dfamoratocedk: I also want to deliver "One script deployment"  using virtualenv and so on.16:20
cedkdfamorato: also you can edit it later until endsing period16:20
dfamoratocedk: Anything in particular that you would like to see it done and so far no applicants ?16:21
cedkdfamorato: for now, there is only 1 who already fill the application for historical and comments ideas16:22
cedkdfamorato: the support of fodt will be a great feature16:22
dfamoratook, will look into that for sure16:23
cedkdfamorato: also the website on top of PyPI16:23
cedkdfamorato: you can also propose ideas16:23
dfamoratocedk: Yep.. I was interested into e-commerce intregration with magento/prestashop... But quick discussion with sharoon he opened my eyes on how difficult it would be16:24
cedkdfamorato: yes the best will be to write one specific to Tryton16:25
dfamoratocedk: I agree.... See you soon, have a plane to catch !16:26
caravelhello folks :) dfamorato you might want to read that blog post on this topic - I'm not an expert but that convinced me
caravelsorry --
caravelACTION was too late16:29
nicoecaravel: it is far from impossible to build an e-commerce backend with tryton but it is probably too big for a GSOC project16:31
cedknicoe, caravel: we know two companies who did it16:33
caravelnicoe, I'd take your word on the GSOC assessment :) cedk, sure, I'm the one who tried to clarify the OERP/Tryton wp page, remember16:35
cedknicoe, caravel: I think something could be done on GSoC for an ecommerce16:37
caravelcedk: topic is recurrent and I can understand why. It might help others, to publish general design point of view on some day ?16:37
cedkcaravel: openlabs said that they will open nereid once it is amortized16:38
caravelAs for a GSOC project, making it easier/more evident to get started with proteus maybe ?16:39
caravelcedk: would be great I guess16:39
caravel(opening nereid)16:39
cedkcaravel: what is difficult with proteus?16:40
caravelcedk: I was thinking of some "proteus for real dummies" guide :)16:41
caravelACTION is targetting himself :D16:41
cedkcaravel: the README is not enough?16:41
caravelcedk: never enough -- I still don't feel like a web dev (yet?) ^^16:42
caravelsorry, that's another issue ! good day16:42
caravelACTION hides16:43
cedkcaravel: proteus is not really for web dev16:44
caravelcedk: sorry don't waste your time, I meant I still have much to learn and practice to get anywhere that route myself16:46
caravelACTION would stop the clock running if it was achievable16:46
PanderHi all, in Tryton 2.0 I had a working search on categories in party overview. This was an own implementation. In Tryton 2.2.1 I don't see it. How can I make it reappear?19:27
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cedkPander: what do you mean by "don't see it"?20:01
Panderthere use to be extra search filters20:03
Pandernow there is only one20:03
Panderok, my code is
Panderah wait..20:06
cedkPander: I guess you have a function field20:06
cedkPander: so just type the name:20:06
Panderwhen I use Code: 3 I get all parties with 3 in the code :)20:08
Panderwhen I use Categories: a I get a pink screen and then a white screen with no results20:08
Pandershould I remove that custom code?20:08
cedkPander: perhaps there is a collision with names20:09
cedkPander: there is already a field named "Categories"20:10
PanderI also have an categories_string = fields.Function(fields.Char('Categories' ...20:11
PanderThe thing is that I also have an     def get_categories_string(self, ids, name):  which reformats printing of a category and I need that one.20:12
Pandercedk: this is all the extra code I have:
cedkPander: yes I guess there is a name collision between categories_string and categories20:14
Panderso I need to remove search_categories_string, but I also have to remove searcher='search_categories_string' from line 3, correct?20:15
Pandersorry, you post was sooner20:15
cedkPander: no need to remove just rename20:15
Panderand I still need the searcher method too?20:16
cedkPander: don't know need to check how search on m2m works20:18
PanderI will try rename in .py and .xml now20:19
cedkPander: I think it could work by you should customize the search_rec_name of category20:21
Panderthe rename I did failed and the categories column was not present, gonna restore first.20:24
Panderrestored :S OK, I found search_rec_name.20:26
Panderto start from the beginning: I add <field name="categories_string" select="1"/> to party.party_view_tree in order to see a column with categories, correct?20:30
Panderor do I need to use another name in 2.2?20:30
cedkPander: no20:32
Pandercedk: ok so I have <field name="categories_string" select="1"/>, therefore I need to add  categories_string = fields.Function(fields.Char('Categories' ... to my .py file. is that correct?20:36
cedkPander: there is no more select attribute20:40
cedkPander: and if you put categories_string and categories on the same view, you will get a name collision20:40
Pandercedk: ok. I want to do it the 2.2 way but have no idea how to go about it. So I do not want to use categories_string per se. So back to step one.20:46
Pandercedk:  I want to have a column with categories. for now I do not care about reformatting but I do care about searching20:47
Pandercedk: what to put in the .xml?20:47
Pandercedk: (sorry for the extra question, I'm a bit lost sometimes in 2.2)20:48
cedkPander: just put the categories field on the list view20:59
Pandercedk: then it gives an XML error on the View when I try to install the module21:00
Pandercedk: I tried it several times21:01
Pandercedk: and on line 9 remove the "_string" correct?21:03
Pandercedk: aaah, you mean not to use select="1" ?21:03
Pandercedk: ok, I have a column with categories, it shows (1) and (2) etc. that is working now, few :)21:06
Pandercedk: autocomplete search field of "Categories: "does not work and searching on that column is indeed not working. what is the second step? to write a reformatter for that column?21:09
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Pandercedk: in other words, where do the (1) and (2) originate and where do I override that?21:25
cedkPander: what do you mean by autocompletion doesn't work?21:25
Pandercedk: If you type "Nam" the client will suggest "Name: "21:26
Pandercedk: If I type "Cat" nothing is suggested, but was suggested before when I had the conflicting code21:26
Pandercedk: so I have the <field name="categories"/> what do I do in the .py? again add a fields.Function(fields.Char(...?21:28
cedkPander: strange normally it should work21:29
Pandercedk: retesting...21:31
Pandercedk: No searching on categories is not working21:33
cedkPander: indeed, I found that in the server side we prevent searching on m2m and o2m21:37
cedkPander: I don't see why21:38
Pandercedk: what is the best cause of action for me since I have to get this operational very soon. I have already code, which is now disabled, so for me now I am ok with implementing searching with custom code.21:41
cedkPander: I guess you can use your previous code21:42
Pandercedk: you can fix searching on m2m and o2 whenever you see fit (or not ;) )21:42
Pandercedk: ok, how do I go about it? Do I need a ... = fields.Function(fields.Char('Categories' ... again?21:43
cedkPander: yes21:43
cedkPander: but if you named it the same as "Categories", you can not put both on the list vie21:44
Pandercedk: OK, so I name it XCategories for now. What do I use for field name?21:54
Pandercedk: I used xcategories as field name, reformatting works again. no conflicting names, only searching is partly working. autocomplete OK but when searching goes into endless loop22:17
Panderhugging the cpu even when I kill the client22:23
cedkPander: guess you have infinite loop22:26
Pandercedk: I guessed that too ;)22:27
Pandercedk: I did some logging and it seems search_xcategories_string is called over and over again :S22:39
cedkPander: what is the code?22:40
Pandercedk: line 58 keeps loggin of
cedkPander: searcher should not reuse the field for which it is searching22:47
Pandercedk: then it logs only once but as a result I get a pink empty screen22:47
cedkPander: so it is the searcher method that is buggy22:48
cedkPander: I don't know exactly what you try to do with it22:48
Pandercedk: search case insensitive on categories22:49
Pandercedk: you helped me once create this. it worked fine in 2.022:51
cedkPander: so just use ilike22:51
cedkPander: what  is the result of search_xcategories_string22:51
cedkPander: I'm going to dinner22:52
cedkACTION bbl22:52
Pandercedk: bon apetit22:53
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Pandercedk: I fixed it with ilike :) I could simply throw out the ids and looping.23:37
Pandercedk: thanks!!23:37
PanderPerhaps a stupid question but where is the delete button for parties in 2.2?23:47
jerojasrohi all. is there any module that allows tracking the sales made by each employee, and/or that automates the calculation of commissions for each employee (salesman) for each sale?23:59

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