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cedkPander: in the tab menu00:33
cedkjerojasro: not really, there is the sale_opportunity that could perhaps help00:33
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PanderAm I that blind? Can anyone locate the delete button for Party in
bechamelPander: click on the tool icon on the left of the form title11:24
PanderI have just marked a party as inactive but do not get it in the tree view of parties. I have not deleted that party. How can I find it again?11:36
cedkPander: search for "Active: False"11:37
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Pandercedk: I'm OK with this but can imagine the average data jockey in the front or back office having troubles with this.11:48
cedkPander: you must almost never search for logicaly deleted records11:51
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cedksmarro: about the comments system17:16
cedksmarro: we got a talk here and maybe it could be done using a kind of XMPP chat room with persistance17:17
cedkit will have a chat room per record17:17
smarrocedk: hi17:17
jerojasrocedk: thanks; and yes, that mini crm module should be a good starting point17:18
smarrocedk: mm... don't know what you are talking about...17:19
jerojasrocedk: if one were to add such a feature (sale comissions) to tryton, what would be the best place to do it? in  sales_opportinity? sales? or a new module?17:19
cedksmarro: oops wrong person, it is for rhubner17:20
smarrocedk: ok :-)17:20
cedkjerojasro: I think it is for a new module17:32
rhubnerHi cedk, I read your comment in my proposal..18:29
cedkrhubner: hi18:30
rhubnercedk: Himself user login in the tryton client is enough to open a chat?18:33
cedkrhubner: don't understand18:34
rhubnercedk: how it could be open a chat using XMPP protocol? Does user enter into a chat as a chat room?18:37
rhubnercedk: I do not understand which user should be used to enter the chat ...18:39
cedkrhubner: the user of the tryton client18:43
rhubnercedk: Do you think the proposal should be rewritten or add commnets is enough?18:49
cedkrhubner: like you want18:52
cedkrhubner: first is it interesting for you18:52
rhubnercedk: sounds good to me the commens be like a chat room...18:54
cedkrhubner: fell free to rewritte it or not18:56
rhubnercedk: It would be nice if the widget to show users that are on the same?18:56
rhubnercedk: same form*18:56
cedkrhubner: yes I guess there is a XMPP extension for presence18:57
rhubnercedk: good... I'll change some things in proposal19:01
rhubnercedk: title would be: A chat room extension widget for Tryton client19:02
cedkrhubner: why not. But it still need to store the chat on the server side and restore it when opening19:03
rhubnercedk: right! On the server the chats will be stored as comments, but the client interface will work like a chat rooms19:07
rhubnercedk: Can I use a text entry to be stored/restored and use the Tryton model server for this?19:16
cedkrhubner: don't know what is best19:25
rhubnercedk: Okay.. I will specify with text entry and then I change the implementation if it needs19:32
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