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MarKsaitisdoes tryton have ecommerce?13:33
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cedkMarKsaitis: see:
MarKsaitisI have this list to choose from:13:50
MarKsaitisxtuple postbooks13:50
MarKsaitistryton - openerp fork13:50
MarKsaitisI wan't it all free, tryton seems quite a good option, dunno any good reasons why tryton13:50
MarKsaitiserp5 seems professional and strong, but thats only from what that website says of theirs =)13:51
MarKsaitiscedk, :)13:52
cedkMarKsaitis: the reasons depends of your needs13:52
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: what do you mean by commerce exactly ? what is your need ?13:52
MarKsaitiswell, just an app where customers can order some service from the web page I suppose. something simple13:53
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: what would you prefer ? an integrated e-commerce system or an integration with an existing e-commerce system ?13:54
MarKsaitisdoesn't matter to me much. As soon as I can do what I said, then it's o13:54
MarKsaitisI am planning tu run a small company to provide IT support for other small companies, design websites, source and setup some solutions, computer equipment, licensing, telecommunications and such13:57
MarKsaitisand I am looking for ERP system for myself13:57
MarKsaitissharoonthomas, cedk13:57
MarKsaitiswould magento and tryton be a good option for me on ubuntu 11.04?13:58
MarKsaitisubuntu server, windows clients13:58
cedkMarKsaitis: I think Tryton could be a good option13:58
cedkMarKsaitis: don't know enough about magento13:59
MarKsaitisany reasons why xtuple postbooks isnt good enough?13:59
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: understood what you mean and I am sure triton will be a good cadidate13:59
MarKsaitisI think I should give it a go. How old is this project and is it performing well?14:00
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: tuple post books is powerful too, but I have always found it a pain to write modules for and not in one of my language choices14:02
MarKsaitiswhat lang is it in?14:02
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: also postgresql/db layer is something i prefer to interact with an ORM rather than with raw queries14:02
MarKsaitiswhat db do you recommend for tryton? and is it hard to set the server up on ubuntu?14:03
MarKsaitisthanx cedk14:03
cedkMarKsaitis: postgresql14:04
MarKsaitisis that a good choice over mysql? I think I used both, but quite a while ago14:05
MarKsaitisonly 3 commiters?14:06
cedkMarKsaitis: MySQL has really poor performance when used for transactions14:07
MarKsaitisdoes it14:07
MarKsaitisdo I need desktop environment on my server to run tryton?14:08
cedkMarKsaitis: 3 new commiters14:09
MarKsaitiscedk, ok =) I thought so14:09
cedkMarKsaitis: no14:09
MarKsaitisall looking good14:09
MarKsaitisok, I want to have it on my ubuntu 11.04, noticed there is no package for it in default repos14:09
MarKsaitisor it is perhaps named different14:10
MarKsaitisI wan't the full feature install I guess14:10
MarKsaitisbig difference between 1.6 and 2.2? As i have natty, not precise14:11
cedkMarKsaitis: 1.5 years of development ;-)14:11
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: its extremely simple to install tryton14:12
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: especially on ubuntu14:12
MarKsaitisI guess it is. I bet 1.6 version is old and not recommended?14:12
sharoonthomasMarKsaitis: it is better to install from PyPI14:12
MarKsaitispypi? what is that? I believe I wan't the latest stable. 1.6 looks old to me14:13
nicoeACTION think ubuntu should stop with its stupid names 'Precise Pangolin' SRSLY ?14:13
sharoonthomas@nicoe +114:13
cedkMarKsaitis: PyPI is the standard package index for Python14:14
MarKsaitisanyways, what should I get? version 1.6 or 2.2? I wan't it latest stable on 11.04 ubuntu. How do I proceed?14:15
sharoonthomas@MarKsaitis couldn't find a good example of how to install tryton an a virtualenv, i will write a gist for you14:15
MarKsaitisis there a wiki I can follow?14:15
cedkMarKsaitis: but it is perhaps not up to date14:17
MarKsaitisdunno what gist is, but it would be nice to have a wiki page I could just follow to install latest stable tryton with all modules + sql server on a minimal ubuntu 11.0414:17
MarKsaitisshould I just follow it then?14:18
MarKsaitiscedk, sharoonthomas that google guide tells me to just install what I have in the repos. Which is 1.6. Is that not too old? Do I care? Do I not wan't 2.2?14:25
MarKsaitisI wan't to use it, but im stuck14:25
cedkthere is also:
cedkMarKsaitis: if you have the time, it is always better to have the latest version14:26
MarKsaitisthe question is, how do I get the latest version =))14:26
cedkMarKsaitis: there is soo much way to install an application that it is complicated to tell you14:29
cedkMarKsaitis: Tryton is packaged using the standard way of Python14:29
cedkMarKsaitis: you can use tools like easy_install or pip14:30
cedkMarKsaitis: you can fecth the archive on and run python install14:30
cedkMarKsaitis: you can use your distirbution package utils14:30
MarKsaitisI wan't a way which works + is easy and fast + has abilities to update14:31
MarKsaitisthe problem with distribution package utils is that stupid distro only gives version 1.6. So thats crap. I am afraid of other methods as I might run into this stupid dependency nightmare like I always do and which never ends14:32
nicoeSo use your distribution packages14:33
MarKsaitiscant, they give 1.6... what is the point of having something old and which never updates the bugs etc14:33
nicoeThen either you update your distribution or you use the other methods at your own risks14:35
MarKsaitisIf I download the full version and launch setup.py14:36
MarKsaitiswill that work fine on my 11.04? Or are there any dependencies I need to watch out for?14:37
cedkMarKsaitis: for dependencies they are define in each INSTALL file14:37
MarKsaitisI bet I will run in to dependency rubbish, will I not?14:37
cedkMarKsaitis: many people use Tryton on ubuntu so I guess all dependencies are available14:38
MarKsaitiswell I mean, mabye all available, but some might be versions which are too small?14:39
nicoeWhy don't you update your distribution ?14:41
MarKsaitisim in openvz14:44
cedkMarKsaitis: I think the simplest for you will be to use the pip way14:45
cedkMarKsaitis: create a user for Tryton, run pip install --user trytond14:46
cedkMarKsaitis: it will install it in ~/.local/lib/pythonx.y/site-packages/14:46
cedkMarKsaitis: and the executable will be in ~/.local/bin/trytond14:46
MarKsaitisIm asking my vps provider to provide ubuntu 12.04, so that might help me14:46
cedkMarKsaitis: you will have to create a config file that you will give via the -c14:47
MarKsaitisis ~/. under user?14:47
cedkMarKsaitis: after that you can install Tryton modules with: pip install --user trytond_xxx14:47
cedkMarKsaitis: don't understand the question14:47
MarKsaitisI think that is too much mess for me :) Id better update and do it the OS way14:48
dfamoratocedk:  ping17:32
cedkdfamorato: pong17:34
dfamoratocedk: I will reply to you questions on gsoc in a few17:43
dfamoratocedk: I will also apply for another one.. which one you prefer ? PyPi or FDOT ?17:44
cedkdfamorato: fodt17:48
dfamoratocedk: Ok... so the goal is to add FODT to Relatorio ?17:49
cedkdfamorato: yes17:49
dfamoratocedk: For which file types ? text and spreadsheets ?17:50
cedkdfamorato: all of them17:51
dfamoratocedk: hun.. I see... if I use lxml it's ok ?17:53
cedkdfamorato: relatorio already use lxml17:54
dfamoratocedk: awesome, so I will not introduce new dependency and I already work with lxml... so i will think I will go that route17:55

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