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rhubnernicoe: Hi13:56
nicoerhubner: hi13:59
nicoeabout the xmpp stuff ...14:00
rhubnernicoe: yes...14:01
nicoeI think using a xmpp client is probably the best idea ; just like you don't use a small email client in Tryton I don't think we should add a small xmpp client in Tryton14:01
nicoeSo for me the xmpp part would be to make tryton document available as xmpp contact (or somethin similar I don't know xmpp enough)14:02
nicoeBut I know cedk disagree with me on this14:02
rhubnernicoe: So.. do you think best to integrate the Tryton client in xmpp clients, instead of adding an extension into the client?14:06
nicoeFor me the nicest thing to do would be to call a xmpp client with an URL and the client would call this xmpp contact14:07
cedkI'm really not sure that existing xmpp client can be tuned to have the behavior we want14:08
nicoeThe XMPP contact would act just like a IRC chatroom (+ logging)14:08
rhubnerBut integrating XMPP client I think is not good14:11
rhubnerThere is already a user logged into the Tryton client14:11
nicoeI don't understand what you mean by integrating14:11
rhubnernicoe: What I'm understanding is that you think best use for example a jabber login into the Tryton client14:14
rhubnernicoe: is not this?14:15
nicoeNo, accoding to me there is a jabber server running alongside the tryton server (using the same login/password). The tryton client would launch a chat session (using the user xmpp prefered client) on this server with an appropriate contact (which is in fact a chatroom).14:17
rhubnernicoe: I understood... There is already a that may be useful to manage the chat.14:24
rhubnernicoe: But I think the proposal is still valid as it is. Do you think good to specify something in the proposal?14:26
nicoeI'll read it after the lunch and comment on it if necessary14:28
cedkrhubner: I think it will depend on how it is possible to interact with external jabber client14:28
rhubnercedk: I believe that open a chat session with the user Tryton can be easier. But integrating a jabber client would be nice too.14:35
rhubnercedk: I do not know... I have to study it calmly, before starting the project14:37
rhubnercedk: What ways could I take before the possible project start?14:38
readytest amsg15:06
cedkrhubner: don't understand15:36
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