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Aleenf1i wonder tryton use postgresql to manage database?05:57
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MarKsaitis why is there no centos?13:50
cedkMarKsaitis: because nobody did one13:52
MarKsaitiswhy not? I thought it is a popular distro too13:52
cedkMarKsaitis: we don't make package, it is up to distribution packagers to make it13:53
MarKsaitisoh I see13:54
MarKsaitisthanx for clarifying13:54
hefferMarKsaitis: i think you can get centos packages from EPEL14:13
MarKsaitisheffer, I know, thanx =)14:14
hefferMarKsaitis: if you feel they're too old you can try rebuilding the Fedora Source RPMs14:14
MarKsaitisok. no im just looking still which distro to use14:16
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coepshello, I try it again, because I think tryton is a really nice piece of work: can someone please point me to further docu (not the api) to function fields or just explain the advantages to me. Whats the usecase to use them. thanks.19:34
cedksharoonthomas: don't forget to review gsoc applications23:12
sharoonthomascedk: will do today23:14

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