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lem0nacedk: looks like the problem is in the create_graph function from modules/; variable graph does not contain entries for 'sale', 'analytic_invoice';  all entries are 31, all_modules: 5310:15
cedklem0na: probably, you don't get valid module10:20
lem0nacedk: any idea how to find the problem? i want to make the working environment to update the bulgarian translations10:22
cedklem0na: I guess it missing or __tryton__.py10:22
cedklem0na: or you have old version those modules installed somewhere10:23
lem0nacedk: i have clean pull from the mercurial from yesterday10:23
lem0nacedk: i mean i cloned all repos10:24
cedklem0na: check the files !10:25
lem0nacedk: in the problematic module?10:26
cedklem0na: of course10:28
lem0nacedk: contains only from .sale import *10:29
lem0nacedk: have this dependencies:10:30
lem0na    'depends': [10:30
lem0na        'sale',10:30
lem0na        'analytic_account',10:30
lem0na        'analytic_invoice',10:30
lem0na    ]10:30
cedklem0na: for what?10:32
lem0nacedk: for analytic_sale10:33
cedklem0na: but it is not one of the two missing ?10:39
cedklem0na: don't care about ls10:41
cedklem0na: look at the two missing modules !10:41
lem0nacedk: both modules have and __tryton__.py10:43
cedklem0na: so you say that get_module_list() doesn't contain 'sale' nor 'analytic_invoice' ?10:46
lem0nacedk: they are in the list - all 5310:48
cedklem0na: so I think you should have old module in egg installation10:50
lem0nacedk: i do not find any egg file10:54
cedklem0na: you can check the update_egg_modules method10:57
lem0nacedk: EGG_MODULES contains 48 entries and sale, analytic_sale, analytic_invoice are there11:07
cedklem0na: so you have egg installed11:09
cedklem0na: remove them11:09
lem0nacedk: find ./ -name "*.egg" returns nothing11:10
lem0nacedk: wich is the server of pywebdav that i should use?12:21
lem0na=which is the version of pywebdav that i should use12:21
lem0nacedk: found it12:34
cedklem0na: so you get now trytond running?13:00
lem0nacedk: have to install pywebdav 0.9.813:00
lem0nacedk: there is no ebuild for gentoo so probably i have to install it with easy_install?13:01
lem0nacedk: i looked there but did not see it13:09
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lem0nacedk: installed pywedev with pip and tryton works now14:18
lem0nacedk: do you have any plans to add pywebdev 0.9.8 ebuild to the tryton overlay?14:18
cedklem0na: yes probably when I will add 2.4 in overlay14:20
lem0nacedk: ok, thanks14:21
cedklem0na: so waiting for your translations now :-)14:21
lem0nacedk: will go for some time and start14:22
lem0na=go out14:22
cedkrhubner: ping18:02
cedkrhubner: could you check this issue:
cedkrhubner: for me, it is a missconfiguration of the system but I'm not 100% sure18:02
rhubnercedk: Hi18:15
rhubnercedk: I will check this problem...18:17
rhubnercedk: I was also thinking about adding something in the rich text editor (missing shortcuts, e.g. CTRL+b = bold). Or start the translation to pt-br18:17
rhubnercedk: by anyway I'll give priority to this problem to issue254918:19

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