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cedksharoonthomas: it is not finished but it is workable19:38
lem0nacedk: i just cloned the repo and when trying to create a new database receive this error "sale unmet dependencies: ['stock', 'account_invoice', 'workflow']"20:16
sharoonthomaslem0na: the best way to work with triton is to use python package management itself20:19
sharoonthomaslem0na: in this case you can either go to the module folder and run `python install`20:19
sharoonthomaslem0na: which will automatically install the missing dependencies (including tryton server)20:19
lem0nasharoonthomas: i wanted to update the bulgarian translation a not to install tryton, so fat sarting form local directory worked without problem20:20
lem0nasharoonthomas: from trytond directory #bin/trytond should work20:22
sharoonthomaslem0na: oops, in that case you will have to download the modules from repo and install them. trunk versions are not uploaded to pypi and our python setup scripts don't install dev versions20:22
sharoonthomaslem0na: you should still run python install and unless you are on a separate virtualenv your installation will be messed up with different versions of triton and modules20:22
sharoonthomaslem0na: i hope you are on a virtualenv20:22
lem0nasharoonthomas: no, never used virtualenv before; this is why i wanted to start from localdir20:24
sharoonthomascedk: liked moving from _name to __name__20:24
lem0nasharoonthomas: will use virtual machine in this case20:24
sharoonthomaslem0na: when working with multiple versions you will need virtualenv20:24
sharoonthomaslem0na: its not difficult and it has become standard development practice for pythonistas, give it a try20:24
lem0nasharoonthomas: then have to read how to use it; any helpful link? thanks20:25
lem0nasharoonthomas: thanks20:25
cedklem0na: indeed it is not really required to install21:23
cedklem0na: you can run trytond from the source tree21:24
lem0nacedk: and that was the error that i recieved with the lates trunk21:25
lem0nacedk: i was wondering if i miss something21:25
cedklem0na: it is strange the workflow dependencies because workflow was removed21:25
cedklem0na: are you sure you are up to date21:26
lem0nacedk: hg clone <- a few hours before i asked21:26
lem0nacedk: i updated my previous source tree i got the same error without workflow21:28
lem0nacedk: so i made a clone21:28
cedklem0na: so fetch account_invoice and stock modules21:28
lem0nacedk: ok21:29
cedklem0na: you must have all the depending modules if you fetch one21:33
lem0nacedk: ihave to fetch them all one by one; i have the impression that with npull i will get the whole trytond source tree21:36
cedklem0na: npull doesn't fetch new modules21:40
lem0nacedk: i see, thanks21:41
lem0nacedk: just cloned everyting22:05
lem0nacedk: and all modules22:05
lem0nacedk: the same error22:05
cedklem0na: no, you should miss the modules22:06
lem0nacedk: modules are in the modules directory22:07
cedklem0na: so there is something wrong in your setup22:12
lem0nacedk: i wonder what - a new directory with fresh cloned repos22:13
lem0nacedk: will try to debug it22:13
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