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2012-04-14 19:36 <cedk> sharoonthomas:
2012-04-14 19:38 <cedk> sharoonthomas: it is not finished but it is workable
2012-04-14 20:16 <lem0na> cedk: i just cloned the repo and when trying to create a new database receive this error "sale unmet dependencies: ['stock', 'account_invoice', 'workflow']"
2012-04-14 20:19 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: the best way to work with triton is to use python package management itself
2012-04-14 20:19 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: in this case you can either go to the module folder and run `python install`
2012-04-14 20:19 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: which will automatically install the missing dependencies (including tryton server)
2012-04-14 20:20 <lem0na> sharoonthomas: i wanted to update the bulgarian translation a not to install tryton, so fat sarting form local directory worked without problem
2012-04-14 20:22 <lem0na> sharoonthomas: from trytond directory #bin/trytond should work
2012-04-14 20:22 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: oops, in that case you will have to download the modules from repo and install them. trunk versions are not uploaded to pypi and our python setup scripts don't install dev versions
2012-04-14 20:22 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: you should still run python install and unless you are on a separate virtualenv your installation will be messed up with different versions of triton and modules
2012-04-14 20:22 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: i hope you are on a virtualenv
2012-04-14 20:24 <lem0na> sharoonthomas: no, never used virtualenv before; this is why i wanted to start from localdir
2012-04-14 20:24 <sharoonthomas> cedk: liked moving from _name to __name__
2012-04-14 20:24 <lem0na> sharoonthomas: will use virtual machine in this case
2012-04-14 20:24 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: when working with multiple versions you will need virtualenv
2012-04-14 20:24 <sharoonthomas> lem0na: its not difficult and it has become standard development practice for pythonistas, give it a try
2012-04-14 20:25 <lem0na> sharoonthomas: then have to read how to use it; any helpful link? thanks
2012-04-14 20:25 <sharoonthomas> lem0na:
2012-04-14 20:25 <lem0na> sharoonthomas: thanks
2012-04-14 21:23 <cedk> lem0na: indeed it is not really required to install
2012-04-14 21:24 <cedk> lem0na: you can run trytond from the source tree
2012-04-14 21:25 <lem0na> cedk: and that was the error that i recieved with the lates trunk
2012-04-14 21:25 <lem0na> cedk: i was wondering if i miss something
2012-04-14 21:25 <cedk> lem0na: it is strange the workflow dependencies because workflow was removed
2012-04-14 21:26 <cedk> lem0na: are you sure you are up to date
2012-04-14 21:26 <lem0na> cedk: hg clone <- a few hours before i asked
2012-04-14 21:28 <lem0na> cedk: i updated my previous source tree i got the same error without workflow
2012-04-14 21:28 <lem0na> cedk: so i made a clone
2012-04-14 21:28 <cedk> lem0na: so fetch account_invoice and stock modules
2012-04-14 21:29 <lem0na> cedk: ok
2012-04-14 21:33 <cedk> lem0na: you must have all the depending modules if you fetch one
2012-04-14 21:36 <lem0na> cedk: ihave to fetch them all one by one; i have the impression that with npull i will get the whole trytond source tree
2012-04-14 21:40 <cedk> lem0na: npull doesn't fetch new modules
2012-04-14 21:41 <lem0na> cedk: i see, thanks
2012-04-14 22:05 <lem0na> cedk: just cloned everyting
2012-04-14 22:05 <lem0na> cedk: and all modules
2012-04-14 22:05 <lem0na> cedk: the same error
2012-04-14 22:06 <cedk> lem0na: no, you should miss the modules
2012-04-14 22:07 <lem0na> cedk: modules are in the modules directory
2012-04-14 22:12 <cedk> lem0na: so there is something wrong in your setup
2012-04-14 22:13 <lem0na> cedk: i wonder what - a new directory with fresh cloned repos
2012-04-14 22:13 <lem0na> cedk: will try to debug it
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