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cedkbvillasanti: is it working?00:03
bvillasanticedk: same error00:03
bvillasanticedk: remote: abort: acl: user "bvillasanti" not allowed on "trytond/ir/lang.xml" (changeset "5b40bba5a2c3")00:03
bvillasanticed: hg push ssh://
cedkbvillasanti: ok I push also trytond that's just the bootstrap00:05
bvillasanticedk: I'm using the same ssh key on other servers without problem.00:05
cedkbvillasanti: no, it is just that there are default rules for translators00:06
cedkbvillasanti: but the first commit in tryton and trytond needs to change files that normally translators doesn't have00:06
bvillasanticedk: I understand00:07
cedkbvillasanti: it is done00:07
cedkbvillasanti: you can try modules00:08
bvillasanticedk: good, now push account and tell you00:09
cedkbvillasanti: by the way, don't you known if you know but you can speed up hg+ssh communication by creating a master ssh connection00:11
bvillasanticedk: I didn't knew that00:12
cedkbvillasanti: otherwise hg will do a connection for each repo/command00:13
cedkbvillasanti: I don't know how is the connection from Argentina?00:13
bvillasanticedk: we have no speed problems00:16
bvillasanticedk: I just push account module00:17
cedkbvillasanti: good00:17
bvillasanticedk: I continue, thank you very much00:17
cedkbvillasanti: no need to put issue in each translation commit00:18
bvillasanticedk: ok00:18
cedkbvillasanti: and perhaps add that it is for argentina spanish00:18
cedkbvillasanti: also you can compress the ssh connection00:20
bvillasanticedk: so, Add Argentina spanish translation00:21
bvillasanticedk: compress the ssh connection, how?00:21
cedkbvillasanti: -C00:22
cedkbvillasanti: or in ssh config: Compression yes00:22
bvillasanticedk: ok00:23
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__efx__hi, I installed tryton.04:59
__efx__and I want to use part of it in a web app04:59
__efx__I don't know whether using proteus to communicate with the tryton server is better than for example using tryton as a module of django05:00
__efx__if somebody has some experience to share I would be really greatfull :)05:02
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__efx__Is smbdy there ?13:16
bechamel__efx__: yes13:31
__efx__oh great :)13:37
__efx__do you know maybe something about the development of proteus.js ?13:37
__efx__because I would like to develop an web interface to tryton for some of my customers13:37
__efx__and I don't know really what is the best way to handle that13:38
__efx__I have time and I m payed, so I can code something and share :)13:38
bechamel__efx__: I have updated the codereview, let me find the url13:39
__efx__bechamel: thank you13:40
__efx__I downloaded the last patch set but I don't know why I cannot connect to my trytond server (the console.log('connected'); does not appear on the opera console ?13:43
bechamel__efx__: first you must change the tryton config file to tell him where to fetch the files13:44
bechamel__efx__: its the "jsondata_path" option13:45
__efx__but the js are only client side right ? so why could I not simple launch them outside of the jsondata_path  ?13:46
bechamel__efx__: oh and of course: the login/password/db is still hard-coded in proteus-test.js so you must change it13:46
bechamel__efx__: this tells the server which directory is served when a browser connects13:47
__efx__but should it have the same effect as launching it outside of the jsondata_path ?13:49
bechamel__efx__: good question :)13:52
bechamel__efx__: currently, there are no way to configure which url to query in proteus.js, but it is not difficult to add it13:54
bechamel__efx__: the second issue is cors, but this is handled outside proteus.js itself13:55
__efx__is the work of Cedric Krier on a wsgi_app for a tryton_web app a good starting point for a CORS support13:57
bechamel__efx__: the support of the wsgi api, allows to use existing tools, so it may ease the developement/integration of some features, but I don't see any obvious solution for cors14:02
bechamel__efx__: is it a problem for you to serve the static files from the tryton server ?14:02
__efx__ok excellent I got something (I was launching the tryton server like that "trytond /path/to/config_file" without the -c :( )14:06
__efx__the test worked and I got beautiful green boxes14:06
__efx__some I think everything is ok14:07
bechamel__efx__: great14:07
__efx__know I think I can use proteus.js pretty much like the python proteus library to talk with the server ?14:08
cedk__efx__: but what will be the usage of your web interface?14:08
bechamel__efx__: the idea is the same but the api is not the same, it would have been too difficult to have the exact api with javascript14:09
__efx__ok so I can do the same thing than with proteus but not exactly in the same way14:10
__efx__during my use I think I will make a tutorial14:10
bechamel__efx__: if it works you can try it in your console: User = Proteus.Model.get('res.user'); all_users = User.find([]);14:10
bechamelthen users.each(function(pos, user) {console.log(});14:11
__efx__do you mean on a javascript console of the webbrowser ?14:13
__efx__actually I work with some doctors and they want their patient to access their medical information from the net14:14
cedk__efx__: so you can use the client14:15
cedk__efx__: net != browser14:15
bechamel__efx__: yes14:15
__efx__yes I know but for the client it would be better to have a web page without need to install a desktop app or something, what do you think ?14:15
__efx__in this case the client is a patient14:16
cedk__efx__: so I don't think you must use proteus.js but generate static pages14:16
cedk__efx__: because patient are not users of the system, at least I guess14:17
__efx__ok so more something like a web server that makes call to a trytond server through proteus python lib ?14:19
__efx__for example a django-python web server that communicates with a trytond server through proteus ?14:19
cedk__efx__: something like
bechamel__efx__: the doctors just need to read the data, or they must also edit them ?14:20
__efx__at the end doctors must also be able to edit14:20
cedkbechamel: it is not the doctors but the patients14:21
__efx__also the patients14:21
__efx__both actually14:21
cedk__efx__: what the patient will edit his one folder?14:21
__efx__the patient is actually owner of the information that the doctors has from him so yes it should be able to edit the information but the changes should be loggued so that doctor will not loose crucial information14:23
__efx__I will look deeper at the integration with django but actually this example does not use proteus.js ? why is it ?14:25
__efx__It would be logical to use proteus, in the sense that we want to keep the server running separately maybe even on another server...14:26
bechamel__efx__: the django example render the templates server-side14:27
bechamel__efx__: the idea with proteus.js is to fetch only data from server and generate the dom in the browser14:28
__efx__sorry I made a mistake in the message at [14:26] I was talking about proteus python lib14:28
__efx__not proteus.js14:29
bechamel__efx__: actually the example was written before the creation of proteus14:30
__efx__ok I will try to make the same using proteus then14:33
__efx__If I understand well, proteus.js is better suited for example for a smart phone app14:35
cedk__efx__: it doesn't use proteus because it wants an other transaction management14:38
bechamel__efx__: it is better suited when data must be edited14:38
cedk__efx__: the fact that the patient owns his information doesn't mean he must have edit access on it14:39
cedk__efx__: more over how to you identify a patient?14:40
__efx__thats crucial question actually, but since I am using tryton the best is to give them a tryton account no ?14:43
cedk__efx__: how much patient do you expect to have?14:44
__efx__10 doctors for now each of them having 200 patients or so.. so 200014:44
cedk__efx__: only 200 patients per doctor in all the life of the application, I find it for few14:45
__efx__that's true, so lets say 2000014:45
__efx__do you think trytond will handle that ?14:46
cedk__efx__: I think you are going in the wrong direction, I guess you want to provide to patient the similar right as we got here in belgium which is the right to correct info data about us14:46
__efx__yes exactly that's what I want14:46
cedk__efx__: so for me, it looks more like: if the user ask for access, give him one readonly, if he wants to correct it, do it via a form and it will be apply after validation14:47
cedk__efx__:and the access to info could be managed with a website like the django example14:48
cedk__efx__: so in any case, the patient become a real user of trytond14:48
__efx__ok so I separate the problem in to distinct one14:49
cedk__efx__: different usages = different solution14:49
cedkACTION bbl14:49
__efx__visualization through django and modification using a dom application that uses proteus.js for example ?14:49
__efx__Is "having hall patient becoming real user of trytond" a performance issue ?14:50
bechamel__efx__: proteus.js gives direct acces to the server, so you must be sure that all the acces rights are corrects, if not the server may leak important data.14:51
bechamel__efx__: otoh you can generate static pages, one per patient, and give each patient acces to his page14:52
bechamel__efx__: then if he want to correct data he may send an email14:52
bechamel__efx__: it's easier to secure14:53
__efx__yes that's true !14:53
__efx__but what do you think in using two authentifications layer for the patient one internal to trytond and one externally14:54
__efx__maybe only one "special" tryton user that can access only patient information14:55
bechamel__efx__: what is your idea ?14:55
__efx__and another authentification layer to restrain the access to only one specific patient14:56
bechamel__efx__: who will be the "special" user ? a doctor ?14:57
__efx__actually can I not fix the right I give to the patient in tryton so that I am sure that patient can do only what I allowed them to do ?14:57
__efx__it would be a user that have access only to patients information..14:59
__efx__...but It makes no sense to have two authentification layers :-/15:00
bechamel__efx__: if you use proteus.js, you must write at least one access rule per model (to forbid them to read them), and then for each model containing data you want to show them write a rule to allow the user/patient to see only what is related to him15:00
bechamel__efx__: if you create one static page per patient, it's the other way around: you create a page with only the data you want to show, and as it is static no risk of forgeting an acces rule15:01
__efx__But If the patient decide to install the tryton client and connect to the trytond server the rule defined in proteus.js will not apply right ?15:04
bechamel__efx__: from a data point of view, proteus.js is the same has the tryton client15:05
bechamel__efx__: both of them acces data through json-rpc15:06
bechamel__efx__: and acces right are enforced by the server15:06
bechamelso if you give acces to a patient with proteus.js, he wil have acces to the same stuff as if you gave him the tryton client15:07
__efx__ok then why do we need no define access write, just for a verification purpose in the case the right are not setted as they should ?15:08 we need *to...15:08
__efx__are you from the french part of belgium because I am from Lausanne so we could also talk in french :) ?15:10
bechamel__efx__: yes, if you want to speak french just go to #tryton-fr15:10
sharoonthomascedk: ping18:22
yangoon1 cedk hi, should I run the backports releases together with 2.4 release?19:54
cedkyangoon1: I think it is better to do it one or 2 weeks after22:42
cedksharoonthomas: pong22:42

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