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cedklem0na: I propose to give you push access as translator for bulgarian09:38
cedklem0na: it will be faster than applying all you patches09:38
cedklem0na: can you send me your public ssh key?09:38
lem0nacedk: i have send it to you na 18.04.201109:45
lem0nacedk: will send again09:45
lem0nacedk: you have email09:46
cedklem0na: ok, I will reactivae your account so09:47
cedklem0na: it is done, so can you push your translations09:50
lem0nacedk: i can do this tonight -  I am at work now09:51
cedklem0na: I'm doing the release *now*09:53
lem0nacedk: ok, will try09:55
cedklem0na: after push, don't forget to add yourself on
SchlepptopHi everyone13:50
bosnianboyhi all19:35
bosnianboyI'm new to tryton19:35
bosnianboyand trying to setup GNU Health19:36
bosnianboyafter starting client19:36
bosnianboywhen trying to connect to local server19:36
bosnianboyit just says: tryton Incompatible version of the server19:36
bosnianboy./trytond --version19:37
bosnianboyand tryton --version19:38
bosnianboyinstalled both via "pip"19:38
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bvillasanticedk: ping21:08
cedkbvillasanti: pong21:10
bvillasanticedk: why you deleted the translations spanish argentina ?21:10
cedkbvillasanti: I don't21:11
cedkbvillasanti: I just generate clean file21:12
cedkbvillasanti: strange21:14
cedkbvillasanti: I don't know what happens21:14
bvillasanticedk: with all modules it's the same21:15
cedkbvillasanti: as the language was added late, it was not loaded in my DB21:16
bvillasanticedk: ir, res, webdav of trytond too21:18
cedkbvillasanti: yes all21:18
bvillasanticedk: can be solved?21:19
cedkbvillasanti: I check21:20
cedkbvillasanti: I will restore the file and make a new release21:26
bvillasanticedk: thanks21:28
cedkbvillasanti: I will first fix not yet released modules21:37
cedkbvillasanti: and after that, I will fix the others21:38
bvillasanticedk: ok, no problem21:40
cedkbvillasanti: ok I have locally restore all translations22:04
cedkbvillasanti: so next module release will have the translations22:04
bvillasanticedk: ok, perfect.. I was already doing a harakiri ;)22:14
cedkI think we will have to improve the translation process22:15
cedktranslations came too late in the release process22:16
cedkand now we have more and more languages to manage22:16
bvillasantiI agree22:16
cedkbvillasanti: but I don't know how?22:19
bvillasanticedk: I guess, is needed to open a thread with the concern22:23

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