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cedksmarro: about issue2572, I don't think it was something supported16:15
smarrocedk: your patch at review340003 works great16:45
cedksmarro: ok but I'm pretty sure it was broken since some days16:47
cedksmarro: and it is not linked to the changeset you pointed16:47
smarrocedk: we did not realize a bug in savannah (i didn't get the mail of the bug...)16:49
smarrocedk: because in Health, we use this kind of declaration... .and before we had no problems with this16:50
smarrocedk: but if i remove that changeset, it works fine16:51
smarrocedk: i made a little module just to check that, i can upload to bug if you want...16:52
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cedksmarro: it is really strange because the changeset has nothing to do with ordering18:37
smarrocedk: yes, it's strange18:38
meanmiciocedk : ping18:57
cedkmeanmicio: pong19:11
meanmiciocedk: It looks like the unique contraint in non-required fields do not accept a null value in 2.419:12
cedkmeanmicio: don't understand19:12
meanmiciocedk: I have a "ref" field (Social Security Number - SSN) that is a non-required Char field, but, when filled, it looks for uniqness19:14
meanmiciocedk: until 2.2, the field could be empty.19:15
cedkmeanmicio: it is the database job19:15
cedkmeanmicio: ok, it is because it is fill with empty string19:15
meanmiciocedk : I created a constraint 'UNIQUE(ref)'19:16
meanmiciocedk : but this did not happen in 2.219:16
cedkmeanmicio: yes because before the behavior was not consistent19:16
cedkmeanmicio: we can not represent a NULL char in the client19:17
meanmiciocedk : let me double check in this version19:17
meanmiciocedk : maybe I put a space char without noticing before saving19:17
cedkmeanmicio: no the client set by default empty string for char fields19:18
meanmiciocedk : hmm19:19
meanmiciocedk : yes. Actually I can confirm it. The party created associated to the company has an empty SSN, but since it's not created by the client, it does not give an error19:20
meanmiciocedk : how can we find a workaround '19:21
meanmiciocedk : to this issue ?19:21
meanmiciocedk : because it will be a very common situation19:21
cedkmeanmicio: I think you can “clean” values in create/write19:26
meanmiciocedk : But probably it would be better to have it in the Tryton kernel19:29
meanmiciocedk : Because that would happen in every "empty" field that has a unique constraint19:30
cedkmeanmicio: if you have idea on how to display in the client of course19:34
meanmiciocedk : but how was represented in the previous version ?19:40
cedkmeanmicio: it was not19:52
cedkwe have the same problem as we had with numeric fields19:53
cedkbut we did not yet find a solution19:53
cedkindeed the problem is to know per Char field what is the value to be stored for empty widget19:56
cedkuntil we have a clean solution, it must be managed by override of create/write19:56
meanmiciocedk : ok. I'm positive we'll find a way around soon.19:57
meanmiciocedk : I agree that in numeric values, it's now way better not to store a "0"19:59
meanmiciocedk : Specially in clinical settings. I'm checking now how it looks the patient clinical evaluation. Much better20:06

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