IRC logs of #tryton for Sunday, 2012-04-29 #tryton log beginning Sun Apr 29 00:00:01 CEST 2012
meanmiciocedk : ping01:29
meanmiciocedk : the '' vs None issue is fixed at changeset 188:e2cb093fa9f901:30
cedkmeanmicio: ok01:34
cedkmeanmicio: just a comment:01:34
cedk'ref' in vals.keys() -> 'ref' in vals01:35
cedkmeanmicio: it is better, the first one create a list to check when the second use the index of the dict01:35
cedkmeanmicio: and instead of: if vals['ref'] == '': -> if not vals['ref']:01:36
cedkmeanmicio: also, I will do a copy of vals before modifying it01:36
cedkmeanmicio: I can make the change if you want01:36
meanmiciocedk : ok . you want to update it or I'll do it ?01:36
meanmiciocedk : great !01:36
cedkmeanmicio: done01:45
meanmiciocedk : excellent ! Functional and optimized ;-)01:45
cedkmeanmicio: the copy is important to not have side effect02:08

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