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sisalpwhat is the difference between and ?12:26
sisalpand is there an url to the "no install" windows exe ?12:27
yangoonsisalp *is* the no install exe12:28
pilousisalp: tryton-2.4.0.exe is the standalone version12:28
sisalpyangoon: pilou: thank you; what do you mean by stand-alone version ?12:29
pilouthis version of tryton client doesn't need to be installed12:29
sisalppilou: thank you.12:30
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sisalphello, some troubles in starting tryton 2.4 : server stops without logging the reason. Anyone had the same ?22:32
meanmiciosisalp : not here, yet22:53
sisalphere is my start log : [Wed May 02 23:03:48 2012] INFO:server:starting JSON-RPC SSL protocol on
sisalp[Wed May 02 23:04:04 2012] INFO:server:stopped23:06
sisalpand nothing more23:06
sisalpany tip for enabling more versose log ? already started with --verbose option anyway23:07
udonosisalp: Hi, did you start trytond from commandline?23:21
sisalpThank you meanmicio and udono It is my mistake23:28
sisalpmy script used to detect the "waiting for connection" message and this message no longer happens23:28
sisalpthen it thinks start is still on-going. After The time out I see the server is running if I am patient enough ;-)23:30
sisalpI'll update my script to detect this end-of-start differently23:31
sisalpthank you again and sorry for the noise23:31
meanmiciosisalp : you're welcome :-)23:34
sisalpdone, the script waits now for "starting" too and it works quite a bit better ;-)23:37
meanmiciosisalp : maybe we should have pid file on /var/run, and check for that23:39
sisalpgood suggestion. I do use a pid file and make some check on it. here what I want from the scipt is a trace like :23:41
sisalpstart ............OK or start ........................Failure23:42
sisalpand the question is to detect the "end of the start" then I check the process and the pid and print OK23:42
sisalpit is often useless but I like it ;-)23:43
meanmiciosisalp : :-) Is good to have those types of checks.23:46
meanmiciosisalp : But today there is no lock or pid file created, right ?23:47
sisalpFor historical reasons, I used to make a lot checks on how things were going after start, but since I use Tryton (instead) controls are usually useless23:48
meanmiciosisalp : I think that we should create it at trytond kernel level23:49
sisalpregarding locks and pids, my script manages that smoothly. If I start the same service several times it does nothing.23:50
sisalpreason is that I manage hundreds of openerps and hope to manage as many trytons soon23:50
sisalptryton would fail to start if ports are already in use, so it cannot hurt23:52
meanmiciosisalp : I like the last part about "manage as many trytons soon" !23:55
meanmiciosisalp : good ! :-)23:55
sisalpmeanmicio: I will unveil a new e-shop in a few days to offer free hosting for tryton in Europe23:58
sisalpso number will certainly increase quite fast23:59

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