IRC logs of #tryton for Thursday, 2012-05-03 #tryton log beginning Thu May 3 00:00:01 CEST 2012
sisalptwo more projects opportunities just for this week ;-)00:00
pilouusing fai ( & libvirt, automation of tryton installation is quite easy00:02
sisalppilou: yes, I've seen successful install on fai and puppet, but these projects are most useful to deploy the same configuration on many machines, while I'm focussing on generating a new service fast00:12
sisalpToday I'm between two and three minutes to fulfill an order from a customer and sending him his connection ids00:14
sisalpI considered puppet, but I first need an execution environment, not only an installer00:15
sisalppilou: what is libvirt ?00:19
pilouThe virtualization API:
piloui need a few minutes in order to install a new virtual machine which runs trytond00:22
sisalppilou: yes, looks interesting. I use openvz. nevertheless I run many trytonds in one container, and then many containers. this is how one can achieve hundreds00:25
sisalpmy day's over guys ! see you tomorrow and thank you for your inputs00:29
meanmiciosisalp : that's great news !01:20
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pokolithere is some plan to develop a web client from tryton?10:46
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sisalp2pokoli: you might find discussions last month in the archives10:59
sisalp2pokoli: as far as I remember it was a matter of funding consolidation10:59
pokolisisalp2 i've read the mails11:16
pokolisisalp i've read the mails11:16
pokoliSo is there any infor about the state of the funding?11:17
pokoliI thinking on starting to write a web interface to tryton11:17

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