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cedkyangoon: why do you put empty line:
yangooncedk: not intentionally, happened by accident12:27
cedkyangoon: ok12:27
yangooncedk: are packages from moretus synced to plato? (downloads)12:28
cedkyangoon: yes12:29
cedkyangoon: every nights12:29
yangooncedk: I have no access rights for trytond_account_stock* on pypi13:23
cedkyangoon: done13:27
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yangooncedk: release is done, news are prepared, please publish when you feel adequate18:06
lukiohello, i'm trying to install tryton from sources. When i tell tryton to create a new database, show me these error:
bechamellukio: which version are you using  ?18:22
bechamellukio: if you have several version on your machine, double check you do not mix different version18:24
lukiohello bechamel i downloaded from source. using mercurial,
lukiofor both, client and server18:28
cedkyangoon: ok thx18:35
cedklukio: it is a recent bug, I'm working on a patch18:38
cedklukio: fixed18:40
lukiocedk greate, it works! thanks !!18:51
cedkyangoon: could you do something for the german news of 2.4?20:05
cedkyangoon: it is still half translated20:05
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yangooncedk: I will try20:24
cedkyangoon: thx21:09
cedkyangoon: because it will be strange to publish bugfix release news but not the new release21:09
meanmiciocedk : ping22:25
cedkmeanmicio: pong22:51
meanmiciocedk : There are some issues with the button states.22:56
meanmiciocedk : in 2.4, I get a traceback when using states with buttons in the views22:57
cedkmeanmicio: fill a bug22:58
meanmiciocedk : ok. I'll do it right now23:00
smarrocedk: ping23:21
smarrocedk: never mind... just asked in the bug :)23:29

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