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newuserdear sir ,try to download neso 2.4 ,it shows"4 - Not Found".help please07:42
lukio1i'm installing tryton from sources, and i downloaded the extra modules, but they never uppear at modules window. any idea ?09:28
udonolukio1: Hi, you need to install the modules on the command line with trytond -i all -d <your_database_name>09:30
yangooncedk: hi09:31
udononewuser: Hi, may you paste the exact link you try to download?09:31
yangooncedk: the sync from moretus to plato doesn't seem to work09:31
yangoonthe new packages are available under, but not downloads2.tryton.org09:32
lukio1udono: cedk thanks!09:32
yangoonsince resolves to both hosts, you can get different results, e.g. don't find the packages09:33
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cedkyangoon: should be fixed now09:40
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lukiohello, tryton doesn't have any MRP module yet, isnt?13:55
lukiobecause i see these link in the wiki:
cedklukio: almost ready:
lukiocedk: great !13:58
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