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sisalpwhat does mean "change accelerators" in the tryton menues ?09:34
bechamelsisalp: accelerators are shortcuts09:36
udonosisalp: hi, when it is activated, the user can change the keybord shortcuts of the menu entry.09:37
sisalpbechamel: udono: thank you10:01
sisalpan other one10:03
sisalpwhen I use analytic accounting, I get AnalyticRoot as the label of the field10:04
sisalpwher I must indicate the Analytic Account10:04
sisalpis there a reason behind this ?10:04
udonosisalp: for analytic account you can produce an individual chart of accounts.10:05
yangoonJFTR: Tryton Debian packages are uploaded: latest 2.2 to unstable/testing, 2.4 to experimental10:05
udonosisalp: the accounts there are AFAIK not related to the main chart of accounts10:06
sisalpudono: I agree, in fact my question is about the field label "AnalyticRoot" where I expected "Analytic Account"10:08
udonosisalp: it is the root account of the chart, which means it has no parent account and is type view AFAIK10:12
udonosisalp: it is a similar conception as in the account module10:14
sisalpudono: no I set here the real analytic account, view accounts in particular view is not proposed, which is good10:15
sisalpin particular root, I mean10:16
bechamelsisalp: the field label is dynamic, it's the name of the root account10:16
bechamelsisalp: actually if you create several analytic charts, you will see several label/field10:17
sisalpbechamel: ok, understood. It means "analytic account in AnalyticRoot chart. Ok ?10:18
bechamelsisalp: yes10:19
sisalpthis is excellent. The point is to provide the good name for root account10:19
bechamelsisalp: the main problem is that "AnalyticRoot" is not well chosen10:19
sisalponce understood, it is quite simple ;-)10:20
bechamelsisalp: :)10:20
sisalpsince we are on this topic, can we modify the tree structure when analytical accounts are already in use ?10:21
sisalpand can we move a account from one tree to another tree ?10:21
sisalpwill journals be ok after that cooking ?10:22
bechamelsisalp: I don't think there are constraint on it10:22
bechamelsisalp: I don't know for journals10:22
sisalpthere is a status below "draft, open, closed", I understan open and closed, but what is draft ?10:24
sisalpI mean on the analytica account form10:24
sisalpand we (testing with jcm ) don't find analytic journals10:27
udonosisalp: no idea.10:28
sisalpudono: I guess there no analytic journals, analytic is probably driven by general accounting journals10:30
udonosisalp: yes, possible, but never tested.10:31
udonocedk: I am looking for integrating some test environment locally. I choose buildbot for running the tests. But I have a minor problem with the reuse of the testscript of trytond. The does not return a result of the test But I need a result to decide if the tests fails or succeed. Any idea?10:35
sisalpI turned my account to "opened" and don't see what is different, even list cannot be filtered by this status10:36
udonocedk: Is it possible to give the testscript a result, like return the number of fails get from TestResult Or will it break some other use of the testscript?10:38
sisalpas any openerp-contaminated person, I'm looking for a way to evaluate costs from timesheets and compare/consolidate with analytical accounting10:38
sisalpany idea how tryton would be able to help here ? I suppose a different standpoint, but where to dig ?10:39
sisalpmy understanding is that we cannot add "analytic-only" entries like timesheet avaluation10:43
bechamelsisalp: in Tryton project are not analytic acount (or vice-versa), so to allow comparison we miss a module that links the two concepts10:43
sisalpbechamel: do you mean an extension of project to 1) evaluate costs from timesheets 2) make a consolidated repport with related analytic accounts ?10:45
bechamelsisalp: now that I think of it there is already a module to define cost on employee10:48
bechamelsisalp: project_revenue10:48
bechamelsisalp: which adds cost on employee and a list price on work, and computes the revenue10:51
sisalpthe cost you mean10:52
sisalpor the potential to be invoiced revenue ?10:52
bechamelsisalp: revenue is (number of hours) * (list price)10:55
sisalpso maybe it is more or less an extra report to get the big picture by project10:56
bechamelsisalp: yes10:57
cedkudono: normally, you must use a library that will generate a test result file10:58
sisalpbechamel: from the code, even me ;-), can see it should compute the cost too. Which is what we are looking at now10:58
udonocedk: I do not understand. Do I need to duplicate and give it the return I need?11:01
udonocedk: but maybe I can just import the parts I need...11:02
bechamelsisalp: the code is the thuth11:02
bechameludono: yes *truth11:04
sisalpudono: excellent ;-)11:04
bechamelit wasn't made on purpose, I promise :)11:06
cedkudono: upackage like unittest-xml-reporting11:13
sisalpon project, I have the state opened and closed. Does it mean I create it closed to prevent using it until it is set up ?11:18
sisalpI would have expected "draft" here11:19
nicoe__efx__: hello17:23
__efx__have you ever used proteus to communicate with the trytond ?17:23
sisalp__efx__:  yop17:24
__efx__after having added an entry with proteus I got an InternalError: current transaction is aborted, commands ignored until end of transaction block17:25
sisalp __efx__:  in a script prepared by B2CK, I'm not an expert17:25
__efx__It looks like the connection did not close after I added the entry in the database17:25
udono__efx__: without details it is hard to help17:36
__efx__I removed my database and recreate a new one and know it works, don't know what was wrong but that wasnt proteus18:02
nicoe__efx__: It will be hard to help you since we don't know anything about your script, yor server and that now everything runs fine18:12
__efx__I use the tryton v 2.2 in conjunction with proteus v 2.2. I have the version 9.1 of postgresql and the script I used is the 4 line example from the documentation of proteus18:15
nicoereally strange18:16
udono__efx__: Maybe the proteus documentation is aged. You can find some inspirations here:
udono__efx__: Would be great when you open an issue if you detect mistakes in the proteus documentation.18:21
__efx__I had problem because of a version mismatch, I use gnuhealth modules  which still need the version 2.2 of trytond AND the version 2.2 of proteus to18:25
udono__efx__: Yes, client, server, modules and proteus needed to be from the same branch18:31
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