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jcmhi, how should analytic be configured to be used on sale ? I tried on the demo server for 2.4, adding a small analytic account plan: on sale line, I see no analytic field16:23
__efx__hello, does anybody ever tried to install a module with proteus as explained in the doc ( ?21:04
__efx__I can select the modules for installation but the Wizard('').execute('start') does not work21:05
jcm__efx__: did you try Wizard('ir.module.module.install_upgrade').execute('start')21:26
__efx__yes that's what I did actually21:26
jcm__efx__: did you use Module.button_install to select modules ?21:27
__efx__yes like this :Module.button_install([], config.context)21:28
jcm__efx__: seems the same as what I have here :/21:28
jcm__efx__: in your line, is the party module id, isn't it?21:29
__efx__yes it is21:30
__efx__I think21:30
jcm__efx__: but party is installed by default iirc, so no need to add it21:30
__efx__I tried with different modules21:32
__efx__I got the same error saying me TyperError: 'int' object is not iterable21:34
jcm__efx__: sry, I cannot help you more :/ maybe check the module id you pass21:34
__efx__thank you still21:35

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