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jcavalloHi all, I just got an "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'copies'" with hg review -m09:44
jcavallofirst time using it, is it a known bug ?09:44
cedkjcavallo: which version of hg?09:51
cedkjcavallo: probably:
jcavalloversion 2.2.1, I tried to update hgreview but it looks that I got the latest available version, I'll check out the code10:00  : from mercurial import scmutil, patch, mdiff, copies, node, commands10:02
jcavallohg review version 0.2, was a new version created with this patch ?10:14
cedkjcavallo: don't understand10:18
jcavalloI reinstalled hgreview through pip, but my version is not bitbucket's so I am going to install manually10:24
sisalp1I want to install a client on an ubuntu desktop. Looking for .deb for V2.4 ? any pointer ? Thank you11:17
sisalp1I found source only so far. Guess I'm missing a cow in a corridor11:18
cedksisalp1: you should ask to ubuntu guys11:19
sisalp1didn't find for debian either11:20
cedksisalp1: then you can ask to yangoon11:22
cedksisalp1: there is some work:
sisalp1nevermind, I have my windows dual boot ;-)11:23
__efx__sisalp1: you can install it using pip isn't right ?11:23
cedksisalp1: but you can not expected to have packages less than one month after the release11:23
sisalp1for those who don't know me, just teasing..11:24
__efx__sisapl1: now I know you :)11:24
sisalp1I think pip will be my way now. usually I execute from source11:24
__efx__sisalp1: but since it is python there is nothing except source if you get the source you get the software11:25
sisalp1__efx__: thank you. I was just helping someone else. Will install dependencies manually and run from source or pip11:27
cedksisalp1: except of course for OpenBSD:
cedksisalp1: and Gentoo:
cedksisalp1: :-)11:27
__efx__there is this bug with gui python software in kde since the last update does smb know where should I post that ?11:31
cedk__efx__: which bug?11:32
__efx__when you close a sub window (like a wizard) all the client closes11:33
__efx__and this happens to me also in other python based soft like for example with spe11:34
cedk__efx__: if it is linked to kde, report it to kde11:34
sisalp1tryton demo seems very slow this morning11:48
sisalp1installing modules takes ages11:48
__efx__yes that's true installing modules takes ages we should add a progress bar so that we can know if we have the time for a coffee11:49
sisalp1shaving after ten cups...11:49
__efx__sisalp1: :)11:50
cedksisalp1: unittest are running11:51
sisalp1should we stop for a while ?11:52
cedksisalp1: don'T understand11:53
sisalp1we don't want to disturb tests11:53
cedksisalp1: it doesn't11:54
sisalp1more coffe then11:54
cedksisalp1: it is just that the host is quite buzy so everything is slow11:58
sisalp1yes, The client finished.... thanks to timeout.12:02
cedksisalp1: ???12:03
sisalp1but it is no problem, we have our own test revers. Thank you to all for helping.12:03
sisalp1cedk: the install of sale module never ended12:03
Luminos741Hi everybody13:04
rseonpetite question rapide15:34
rseonj'essaye de cacher un champ selon la valeur passé depuis un lien parent dans le contexte15:34
rseonor cela n'a pas l'air de super marcher states={'invisible': (Eval('context', {}).get('kind') != 'ins_product.pricing_rule')})15:35
cedkrseon: sur tryton-fr pour le français15:36
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sharoonthomascedk: remember we were once discussing about the paradox of choice ? here is an article based on what we discussed
cedksharoonthomas: yeps16:19
sharoonthomascedk: very relevant to the design principle you stick to in tryton16:20
cedksharoonthomas: but it is even more difficult with open source project16:20
sharoonthomascedk: agree16:20
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cedkalbertca: hi, could you check issue258716:56
lukiohello, is there any easy way to add new button to the toolbar and when the user click these new button, appear a wizard ?22:24
cedklukio: there is already the wizard button22:25
lukiocan i add these wizard button to the toolbar section ?22:28
lukioi want to add a wizard button to the toolbar of the new lines product of the budget module.22:29
lukioif you don't understand me, please tell me.22:29
cedklukio: yes it could be added to the list of wizards23:23
cedklukio: have a look at

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