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Luminos741Hi guys, I have an issue while installing Proteus12:15
Luminos741It seems that I don't own the "setuptools" module, but I don't know what it is12:16
jcavallo@Luminos : Hi, what is the OS you are working on ?12:18
Luminos741jcavallo: I'm working on Ubuntu12:18
jcavallo@Luminos : I think it is recommanded to use python-pip12:21
jcavallo@Luminos : which includes setuptools unless I'm mistaking12:21
Luminos741jcavallo: Ok. I'm kind of newbie... What is python-pip ? :)12:22
jcavallo@Luminos : it is a python packages installer12:22
jcavallo@Luminos : just apt-get install python-pip12:22
Luminos741jcavallo: Ok, thank you I'm trying it12:22
jcavallo@Luminos : then pip install proteus12:23
jcavallo@Luminos : that should do it (apart from other dependencies)12:23
Luminos741jcavallo: Apparently it works, thank you for your help12:24
Luminos741Let's have a meal to celebrate this :) . See you guys12:26
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